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6 Things You Should Not Put on Your Face

By Kayla / December 27, 2016

These are a lot of YouTube videos and DIY recipes that provide you with quick hacks, but not everything will make your face look fresh and bright. There are some common ingredients which you should totally avoid, that can damage your skin.

  • Foot Cream: The skin on your feet is very different from the skin on your face. Foot creams are designed exclusively for the feet, to break down the hard calluses. If you use it on your face, there are chances that you may clog your pores and end up with pimples all over your face.
  • Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is thick, though works as an excellent hair mask, leaving your hair super glossy after 20 minutes, but can clog your facial pores and leave your face looking oily and greasy.
  • Hair Sprays: Some cheap salons may use hair sprays on the face or neck so that the makeup lasts for a longer time. It contains lacquer and alcohol, which is highly comedogenic , can clog the pores completely and leave the skin extremely dry and irritated.
  • Lemons and Vinegar: Using any of these directly on your face can cause irritation, dryness, and in the case of sensitive skin can even cause blisters and slights burns. These are extremely acidic with a pH of 2 and can disrupt your skin?s acid mantle and cause irritation at the cellular levels.
  • Body Lotion: Most body lotions are fragranced and contain fewer nourishing contents, which is okay for the body since the skin is tougher. But please stop using it on your face just because you are too lazy to buy a face cream! Body Lotions add fuel to the fire for people with sensitive skin and the ones who have a skin prone to acne breakout.
  • Any face scrub that has sugar or coffee beans: Mix any of these ingredients with coconut oil and you?ve got yourself a great body scrub, but these prove to be too harsh for the face. The granules are large, too edgy and sharp, can leave your skin irritated and can cause abrasions.
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How to Choose a Sunscreen

By Kayla / December 6, 2016

Sunscreen isn?t just another cosmetic product for fair, glowing skin- sunscreen is an absolutely necessity, especially when you go out in the sun. Sunscreen is designed to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, and overexposure to these rays can cause irritation, sunburns, premature ageing of skin and even cancer. So, unprotected skin is dangerous. But buying a good sunscreen, that suits your skin type and he one that offers fuller protection, my not be a very easy job as it seems. With such newer options available in the market, you may want to consider the following points before you hit the store to buy one yourself.

  • A few years ago, choosing a sunscreen meant you had to simply pick one which had a higher SPF. SPF only involves protection against UVB rays. Studies soon proved that UVA rays may also cause skin cancer, and they definitely penetrate deep into the skin and cause skin wrinkles. So you?ll want a sunscreen with broad spectrum or multi spectrum protection- the one that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. While there is SPF rating on each bottle for UVB protection, there is no specification for UVA protection, so, you need to pay attention to the ingredients- the presence of any of these chemicals will do the job- ecamsule,avobenzone,?oxybenzone,?titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or?zinc oxide.
  • Now coming to the SPF rating- what does SPF 15 or SPF 25 even mean? It means that if you?d normally burn in 20 minutes, a SPF 15 sunscreen would protect you for 15×20 minutes before burning. You can choose the SPF depending upon the average number of hours you spend on the outside. People with very fair skin, really sensitive skin or a family history of skin cancer should consider a SPF 30 or higher. By the way, SPF 30 doesn?t mean you get double protection; it just filters out 97% of the UVB rays, while SPF 15 filters out 93%!
  • Make sure you get a water/sweat resistant sunscreen so that it doesn?t wear out easily. Just like SPF is for UVB protection, there is another parameter called FDA, which tells till how long will the SPF level stay effective in water- usually about 40 minutes. Suncreens aren?t water proof, so you have to reapply every time you take a dip.
  • If you have skin allergies you may consider using kid-friendly sunscreens since these don?t have chemicals like para-aminobenzoic acid(PABA) and benzephenones like dioxybenzone, oxybenzone, or sulisobenzone. These sunscreens usually prefer zinc or titanium oxides, and don?t get absorbed into the skin.


Read the product labels and product reviews carefully before you finalize to one. Don?t be reckless and use a sunscreen.

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Is Laser Hair Treatment Safe


Are you tired of shaving your legs or does waxing hurt too much? If you want to try a new body hair removal method, you may want to go for a laser treatment. Laser treatment involves beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicles, such that the pigments in the follicles absorb the light and destroy the hair. Some hair fall down instantly, and some take about 10-15 days- this is because some hair follicles have more than one hair, and when the hair follicle is destroyed by the light beam, the hair leaving the epidermis falls of instantly, while the hair under the epidermis takes some time. As long as the hair is dark, it responds well to the laser hair treatment.

Seems absolutely fine, doesn?t it? But since you are dealing with high intensity light beams, you need to make sure whether this procedure is absolutely safe for your skin. Doctors all around the world have agreed t he fact that laser treatments are absolutely safe- since the light energy coming from these lasers are non-ionizing radiations, and are not cancer causing. These don?t damage the DNA or cause mutations, because the light doesn?t penetrate beyond the hair follicles. Some people may experience redness or a slight irritation, but this can be treated by immediately icing the area.

The best part about these treatments is that most patients have a permanent hair loss after about 4-5 sessions at maximum. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to go for a laser treatment- make sure you should go to an authorized doctor or clinic. You are supposed to stop waxing, shaving or plucking about six weeks prior to your treatment. Also it is advisable to go through a patch test, before you go for the actual treatment.

The only disadvantage is that this procedure may be a little costlier than the other alternatives- may cost you 300 bucks!

So other than the fact that this is expensive, laser hair removal treatments are absolutely safe for your skin, and if you have enough money and zero patience for razors and hot wax, you may want to consider this option for once.

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Why Everyone Should Try Crest Whitestrips

By Kayla / October 10, 2016

Who doesn?t love a beautiful, bright smile? Unfortunately, coffee, tea, and certain foods can leave your teeth stained and damaged. Fortunately, achieving a gorgeous, healthy, bright and white smile is possible despite the damage most of us Brits have done to our teeth. Crest Whitestrips is the answer, and they just recently hit the shores of the UK.

News has spread about Crest Whitening strips being available in the UK, and beauty salons everywhere are going nuts for the stuff. Apparently this nifty teeth whitening solution provides quite a bit in the way of benefits for individuals who give it a try. We say, you might as well try it if you aren?t liking your smile. What do you really have to lose? Let?s take a look at a few reasons why you might want to test these Crest Whitestrips out for yourself.

For a Brighter, Healthier Smile

This one is obvious. No matter what your teeth look like today, there is hope, thanks to Crest Whitening Strips. The product?s formula includes active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide to effectively strip the teeth enamel of stains, even ones that are set into the teeth themselves!

Additionally, the product leaves your mouth healthier. After all, stains are not healthy. They eat away at the enamel and can deteriorate your teeth altogether. If you want a more attractive and healthier smile, Crest Whitestrips are the way to go.

Because they offer Guaranteed Results!

Very few products can say that are guaranteed to work, but Crest Whitestrips are. The company states that they will provide a full refund for the product if you are not satisfied with your results. Of course, they couldn?t be a popular brand without offering high quality results, or they?d go out of business. In all seriousness, the goal is for the product to work, and with guaranteed results there is a good chance your smile will turn out gorgeous thanks to this product.

Celebrity Endorsed

Not all of us make purchases based solely on celebrity endorsements, but you have to admit it doesn?t hurt if a product has a few. Crest Whitening Strips have quite a few of them.

Celebrities are often on short deadlines to prepare for special events. The quick and easy results offered by Crest Whitestrips provide them with the results they want without cutting things close.

For example, international best-selling pop singer Shakira has personally endorsed the product and has appeared in several of their commercials. Her endorsement is backed up by her stunning smile, which only adds to her beauty.

The World?s Best-Selling Whitening Strips

If you are still on the fence about using Crest Whitestrips, you might want to consider that they are the world?s best-selling whitening strips. There is no other brand out there that offers the same quality, affordability, or results of this product. That?s the beauty of Crest Whitening Strips. Not only are they effective they are also affordable.

Millions of people in other countries have purchased these strips and used them with incredible results. Now Brits can tap into the potential these snazzy products have to offer in the comfort of their own home. It wouldn?t be surprising if Crest Whitestrips became a best-selling brand by British standards, but only time will tell.

Safe and Affordable

Another benefit of trying out Crest Whitening Strips is the safety factor. Sure, Brits have been able to whiten their teeth via a dentist appointment for years, but what they haven?t been able to do is whiten their teeth from their own bathroom. That?s all about change.

Thanks to the safety of the active ingredients, Crest Whitestrips enable you to remove stained enameled easily. There is little to no danger presented by the product, despite how powerful it is. It is 100% safe for your teeth as well. No negative side effects have been reported, which is a plus for any over the counter product.

At just ?39.95 per box in Britain, Crest Whitening Strips are an affordable product for the average Brit. That price also includes 14 strips, or up to two whitening sessions. The question is, where can you find this product now that?s available in the UK?

Where You Can Get Crest Whitestrips in the UK

The only place in the UK where you can purchase Crest Whitening Strips in the UK is This website serves as a link between the US provider and the British people. The site?s prices are incredible affordable, and the product is amazing. In fact, the price is half the reason you should at least try Crest Whitestrips.

If you?d like to know more about how Crest Whitening Strips work and what you can expect when you use them, head on over to the direct website. They outline the health and safety of the product and how to use it to get the best results. Check them out and start living with the smile you?ve always dreamed about.

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Finding Fixes At Home! – Top 10 Homemade Face Packs

By Kayla / September 6, 2016

Remember when your grandmother used to tell you about the benefits homely techniques for your skin? They are all actually effective and the best tips to make your skin look better and vibrant. All the items which you thought are of no use can do miracles for your skin and for your health. Have a look at these items.

  1. ALMOND FACE MASK ? Soak the almonds in water overnight and then mix it with milk to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and see results yourself after washing it in ten minutes.Almond-Fair-And-Glowing-Skin-Face-Mask
  2. CUCUMBER AND LIME JUICE– Both cucumber and lime are very good for your skin. They both provide a cool touch to your skin. Mix them together and make a paste to apply on your face.CUCUMBER AND LIME JUICE
  3. BANANA AND EGGS ? Mash one banana and one egg in a bowl. Mix it together to make a paste and apply it to experience instant glowing skin. This works as an excellent moisturizer for the skin.BANANA AND EGGS
  4. LEMON AND HONEY ? Both the ingredients help in clearing the skin and giving you fairer skin. Add them together and leave this paste on your face for half an hour. It will give you clean and glowing skin.Orange-Lemon-and-Honey-Pack
  5. BREAD CRUMBS MASK ? Mix a few slices of bread and leave it for two minutes to soften it. Mix it with malai (milk cream) and apply it on your face for fifteen minutes. Get fairer and healthier skin.BREAD CRUMbS MASK
  6. TURMERIC AND MILK ? Mix a few spoons of turmeric and milk in a bowl. Add some lemon juice and apply the paste on your face and allow it to dry. Get fair skin just in a few minutes.turmeric-face-packs
  7. OATMEAL AND YOGURT ?Make a paste with oatmeal and yogurt and add a little tomato juice to it. Leave this paste on your face for about 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It will remove all the dead skin leaving your skin fresh and vibrant.oatmeal
  8. RICE AND MILK ? Grind soaked rice and add a little milk in it enough to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face and use it as a scrub. Leave it for twenty minutes and then wash with cold water.rice-powder
  9. HONEY AND TOMATO – Mash the tomatoes and add honey to make a paste. Add a few drops of lemon juice for glow. This works as an excellent cleanser and also gives you instant glow and radiance.Honey-and-Tomato-Face-Mask
  10. JASMINE AND YOGURT ? Mash the jasmine flower and add some yogurt to make thick paste. Add some sugar for exfoliation. Keep this paste on your face for ten or fifteen minutes and then wash it off. This gives you clean and fairer skin.Jasmine-Face-Pack

These super easy tricks will give you fairer and healthier glowing skin in just a few minutes sitting at home. So if you are too busy to go to the beauty salon, then use these amazing face packs and see the results instantly.

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Aesthetic Laser Procedures and Anti Aging Techniques

By Kayla / September 1, 2016


Have you ever walked past a mirror and thought ?That can’t be me!?? Tired looking skin, wrinkles, and sags that show all the signs of aging are not something we want to see.? So what do you do when that happens?? You can try many things, but finding what really works is not always easy.? If you’ve ever considered a laser treatment, you might be confused as to what each device does.? Here’s a closer look at some of the anti-aging techniques out there.

Miracle in a Bottle

We’ve all heard of it, those fabulous miracle ingredients that can make us look younger.? There are millions of products that promise a miracle in a bottle.? Do any of them really work?? Well, yes and no.? Since most of the miracle creams and lotions on the market are nothing more than glorified moisturizers, they can help.? The fact is that most people don’t follow a daily skin care routine, so just using a moisturizing product can make a difference.

However, that doesn’t mean the miracle product works in the way it was marketed.? Unless the lotion contains actual anti-aging ingredients, it won’t work as an anti-aging product.? Those that do contain anti-aging ingredients don’t produce major results, just mild ones.? Less than 10% of them produce results that can bee seen without a magnifier.? Finally, none of the results ever last for anything more than a very short time.

Laser Procedures

An aesthetic laser is a handheld device which utilizes light energy to direct pulses of energy to specific cells.? Which cells are targeted depends on the specific laser and what it was intended for.? With hair removal lasers, the energy is directed at follicles of hair, heating the follicle until the root is destroyed.? It leaves the skin around the hair undamaged since it is specifically targeting the hair follicles.? Skin tightening lasers target the dermal layer of skin to heat the cells, causing them to contract or tighten.? This method also stimulates collagen growth, which fills in the stretched cells. There are many other variations and purposes to these medical lasers.? Scar reduction, blemish removal, acne treatments, and cellulitis are just a few of the many skin conditions for which lasers are designed.

Skin Conditions that Affect Treatments

Since lasers use light energy, they are not always a good choice for all candidates.? Take a look at a hair removal laser.? Consider someone with very pale skin and pale hair color or someone with darker skin tones and hair color.? Since the laser uses light to target the cells, it would have trouble differentiating between the skin and hair when both are too similar.

Several methods heat the skin cells, which can be a real problem for oily skin.? Acne and other breakouts can be exacerbated by treatments.? Consult with the certified technician before having the procedure done if you have any doubts about your current skin condition.

Non-Laser Treatments

We gave you the explanation of what a laser is.? The word laser is regularly used for other cosmetic devices that aren’t really lasers at all.? Each offers different techniques and differing levels of results.? For instance, microdermabrasion is a technique in which crushed crystals scrub the skin to exfoliate it.? An attached micro vacuum whisks away the dead skin cells at the same time.? Another device uses a method called radio-frequency.? These devices use sound waves to heat the cells, which works well for candidates of all skin and hair tones.

Be Informed

Now you know a little more about laser therapy and other treatment.? If you are ready to take the next step in anti-aging, talk to your dermatologist.? Your doctor knows your skin best and can make recommendations.? Being informed will help you make the right choice for yourself.

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Fresh Face Alert!! – Five tips to look fresh

By Kayla / August 23, 2016

Looking fresh or feeling fresh isn’t an easy task. Sometimes we have to work hard to get a perfect fresh look. We see advertisements on TV how to look fresh and all. Looking fresh from the outside is not enough. The inner freshness will bring you a bright and fresh look naturally. Your freshness will bring positivity inside of you as well as around you so the people around you will be happy.

One: Get enough sleep.


Our body requires a deep sleep of few hours a day. So let your body rest and charge itself with energy. Inner freshness will bring brightness to your face and make you look energetic. So take rest and have a good sleep but not too much that it makes you lazy or sluggish. Do not keep working for hours and hours when your body doesn’t permit you. Take some rest every once in a while.

Two: Take a bath every day (EVERY day!)

bath everyday

Bath is a very important to give a complete wake up call to your mind. All the stress washed away and freshness for a start. Bathing will provide you with some time to relax and think peacefully while you are alone making your body clean and stress-free. Make yourself fresh and energized with a shower or bath.

Three: Get dressed properly in clean and comfortable clothes.


It is said, ?First impression is the last impression.? So dress well, and look fresh and energized with lovely and comfortable clothes. It is very important the way you are dressed. The clean and comfortable dress will make you feel at ease and look fresh and energetic. Being comfortable is what you need in order to be fresh and at ease. Tight, uncomfortable clothes will make you feel confident and fresh.

Four: Keep yourself surrounded by positivity.


If you are around a lot of negativity, it will spoil your mental peace leaving you in the miserable mental set which could be stressful. So keep yourself around positive people and be fresh. The environment your work in matters a lot as it has definitely impact on you changing your moods and mental state. So make sure to surround yourself with positivity.

Five: Keep washing your face multiple times a day.

washing face

When you are sweaty and stressful, refreshing flavours of face wash work just fine to bring freshness to your face in an instant. It will reduce oil from your skin giving you a fresh look. Small products to carry with you anywhere you go and make you look fresh in few seconds!

Exercising in the gym is always the best way to reduce stress. You can always go for yoga and aerobics, cycling etc which will increase flexibility and bring you freshness. Most important part is to bring freshness from inside which comes with good health and food making you relax and giving mental peace. It will invigorate you inside out!

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5 Make Up Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

By Shilpa / August 9, 2016

Now that make-up has become an essential part of today’s life whether it’s college, work, parties or just hanging out with few friends all girls need to know few things to keep in mind while wearing it. Most important part is you need to know which kind of place and function it is and wear make-up accordingly.

One: Wash then wear!

Always wash your face, apply some moisturiser and then wear make-up. This is to protect your skin from harmful cosmetic products. These products if left for a longer time can harm your skin by leaving scars and making it drier so protect it with a moisturiser of a good quality.

Two: The key to elegance is balance!

Your face is like a canvas. You cannot put so many bright colours or dark colours together because it won’t look much attractive. Same way wear simple make-up and look elegant and beautiful. Never highlight your eyes and lips at a time. Always highlight either eyes or lips with various shades according to your complexion.

Three: Focus on your cheeks and nose

A special method called face cut can change the whole look of your face giving it a perfect shape to your face. You can get different foundation creams or lotion in order to get even complexion and apply accordingly for perfect face cuts. You can hide double chin or very chubby cheeks with a little trick. Apply a little darker shade, one shade darker than you need for your complexion and apply in the direction you want to hide. After letting it stay for few minutes, apply the perfect shade of foundation you need for your skin. Let it settle and you are all ready with your even toned skin.

Three: Apply foundation on your neck to match with your face’s skin tone.

When you tone your skin, make sure you pay attention to your neck too. To get a perfectly even toned skin is not the only thing you want because you don’t want your neck to look dull than your facial skin. So make sure you follow the same method for your neck too.

Four: Apply lip gloss on top of your lip colour.

Once you apply you lipstick or lip colour, make sure you put on some lip gloss for shine and long lasting. You can choose various flavours and shades of lip gloss to go your lip colour. This will not only enhance the colour but also make your lips look more gorgeous.

Five: Use make-up remover to remove your make-up.

Never sleep with your cosmetics on. Always remove it before going to sleep. Make-up products can damage your skin if left for a long time. Removing with a good remover is a wise step in order to keep your skin healthy. Our skin is delicate and needs fresh air to breath. It needs to be left open but these layers of cosmetics can harm your skin.

These tips will help you forever with your make-up. Not only helpful in everyday makeup, these will make you look gorgeous and special with extra touches.

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Let?s Detox the nature?s way! – 10 Essential Oils to Detoxify your Body

By Kayla / June 21, 2016

If you look at detoxification as a process through which you help your body in getting rid of all the toxic waste, stress and anxiety, negative thought process and various other harmful organisms, then you are in need of these oils which will let you achieve just what you need. Although many of these oils may not have been clinically tested for it, rest assured you have nothing to worry about since many have given their approval on the magic that these oils work. Here?s a list of 10 essential oils from various sources which you can use to detoxify your body. Sit back and relax and let these oils do their magic.

  1. Peppermint Oil

You can either have a bath using the peppermint oil or even have it directly. If you prefer to have it directly, then a few drops of the oil should do the work. Make yourself a drink with it or if you are find with having it mixed with plain water, which also would be just fine. Taken from the peppermint plant, this oil will help your digestive system to do its job better and also support your respiratory system. You will find peppermint oil as a constituent of various other oils which are used in the same genre.

  1. Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil is generally extracted from mandarin oranges and this oil has been proven useful in circulation of blood and has shown some promising signs of promoting the growth of new cells and tissues in the body. That in turn would lead to better immunity and will help you keep away from falling sick easily. All you need is a few drops of the mandarin oil in a glass of water and you are good to go.

  1. Juniper Oil

It is extracted from Juniper berries which are a great source of antioxidants. Juniper oil basically targets and aims at bettering your digestive system. Apart from that, it also focuses on alleviating pain and will further be useful in helping you relax your mind while under stress. You can use the juniper oil as a diuretic which will enable you to flush out toxins and the excess amount of water weight and if you have excess of sodium in your body as well. All in all, Juniper oil comes with the essence of the source as well.

  1. Laurel Oil

Yet another oil that is loaded with antioxidants is the Laurel Oil which is extracted from the Laurel leaves. Being rich in antioxidants, the oil will help you in getting rid of a toxic overload. You could try and consume or use the laurel leaves or try the oil and get the same amount of benefits out of it. You can either consume the oil directly or through a diffuser which will let your body take it through the respiratory track. Being a detox oil, it targets in cleaning your digestive system before anything else.

  1. Rosemary Oil

Having multiple ways of usage, Rosemary oil can be either used in a bath, inhaled or even be given a massage with. Just by taking the prominent properties of rosemary which can be easily found in your kitchen and putting it into an essential oil will give you benefits such as digestion improvement, better circulation, etc. The oil can even make you feel better and has been showing effective signs in waving off ailments such as cancer and even the state of memory loss. However, this does not mean you give up on everything else and stick to the oil.

  1. Grapefruit Oil

This oil has had a great impact on human lives. It has been helpful in killing off viruses within the body and even microbes that reside in the body and which may cause problems in the future. If you have not feel using this oil, it is high time you start it and can use it on a daily basis and it will in turn help you in keeping yourself healthy. It must come as a surprise to you that you didn?t know so much about it even though you keep eating so many grapefruits. Extraction of oil from the grapefruit you eat impacts your body leading to wellness.

  1. Helichrysum Oil

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is of utmost importance for survival. Without skin, there would be no adaptations to the climate and no ways of keeping your inner organs protected. Helichrysum oil targets just the right place, the skin. Coming from the sunflower clan, this oil has a wide range of benefits and a majority of them cater to your skin and given the importance of skin, it will help you keep it as healthy as possible. It also lowers the inflammation of the body and will help you regenerate cells.

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is generally added widely into cleaning products which end up giving out a pleasant odor and also give a fresh and clean feeling. Lemons are usually used as disinfectants and the oils are in no way different. Having a wide range of uses such as minimizing cramps during menstruation, sleepless nights, stomach upset, etc. makes the lemon oil one of the most important one among the list of essential oils. Using it in your baths or making a shake and consuming it will make you feel way better.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Firstly, it is important to note that this oil is not meant for direct consumption and is best suited for tropical application on the body. Hence, do not make a mistake of taking it in directly. It is prominently known as a skin curative and is an effective oil which is used in detoxing the body. This superman of oils can handle and protect you from almost anything and everything such as viruses and bacterial infections to common cold. Tea Tree oil is one of the most on demand essential oils for that reason.

  1. Hyssop Oil

You may have not heard of it as much before, but once you get yourself aware about the benefits of the oil, you will see as to why it is so important. Since the process of detoxification starts with focus on digestive system, this oil treats the digestive issues you may have. Since digestion is one of the main ways though which all the toxic will exit, major focus of hyssop oil lies on the lines of the digestive system only and using the essential oil will help you move towards better health.

These are merely a list of 10 essential oils out of the thousands that are in existence. If the oil that you wish to use is not available in your locality, you can use references and find an oil closer to the one you need and purchase it. Detoxifying your body is one of the most required things for your body and your body definitely deserves that much amount of care from you. So go ahead and start your journey towards a healthy life. Be cautious of what you do with your body and make sure you know what it needs.

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