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Remedies to Wrinkle-free skin

By Jurgen / January 22, 2018

Wrinkles also known as rhytides, are creases in the skin what gets pronounced with age. Now-a-days wrinkles also appear among young people due to stress and improper sleep. Who doesn’t want that everlasting youth? But does that mean you need to go under the knife? The answer is No! There are home remedies which act […]


10 DIY Remedies For Stretch Marks

By Jurgen / December 4, 2017

Visible lines on the skin surface are called as stretch marks. Stretch marks can occur over thighs, upper arms, buttocks but it mainly occurs near the abdominal area. Sometimes these marks can cover a large area of body; this can happen due to pregnancy, due to weight loss, changes in physical conditions, stress etc. Water […]


7 Great Products to Get Rid of Blackheads Easily

By Jurgen / November 13, 2017

Blackheads. This one word instils a horrifying dream in every person’s mind. After acne, it is probably the most feared word. If you have got it, chances are that these stubborn blackheads are not ready to leave your skin. You might have tried every recipe in your grandma’s secret book to get rid of the […]


Best Makeup Hacks that even Experts Use!

By Jurgen / November 6, 2017

Makeup is an essential part of every girls life, she may be a tomboy but there are very few who haven’t ever tried any form of makeup it could just be simple kajal and some gloss. For the rest who need to look picture perfect it is a task which takes hours in front of […]


7 Essential Beauty Tips for Your Face, that Work!

By Jurgen / October 30, 2017

We know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy skin which glows radiantly, while trying to handle your stressful and busy life. The pollution in the cities makes our skin dull and often oily. This leads to breakouts in the skin and clogged pores. If you stick to a skin care routine then you […]


5 Homemade Face Packs for a Beautiful Glow

By Jurgen / October 23, 2017

A beautiful glow on the face is what every girl wants, but going to a parlour and spending your entire wallet on a facial doesn’t seem fair enough. Makeup and creams might help you, but again, they are temporary solutions and won’t guarantee a long-lasting effect. Since ancient times people have used natural ways to […]


How to shave the right way (for women)?

By Jurgen / October 16, 2017

To get the smoothest hairless skin we have been using various methods since a long time. But shaving probably remains our favourite go to method, as it is hassle-free, cheap, easy and you don’t need to fix an appointment for it. But shaving is a tricky task if you are new at it. You might […]


The Secret to Healthier, Glowing Skin

By Jurgen / October 2, 2017

There’s nothing more upsetting than waking up to a dull, tired skin. More than a great wardrobe or a skilled hand with makeup, glowing skin turns head. Blemish free, radiant young-looking skin is something all women long for. In our busy lives, we tend to forget and care about our skin but it’s never too […]


How Often Should You Go to the Dentist

By Justin / June 29, 2017

Some people only go to the dentist when they have a problem with their teeth or gums. Dentists can certainly remove and fill cavities, treat tooth pain or gum infections, and deal with other oral health issues. The best way to manage your oral health care, however, is not to wait until you have a […]


7 Ways to Use Lemon as a Beauty Aid

By Jurgen / January 3, 2017

  When life gives you lemons, you simply incorporate them in your beauty regime. Hair highlights : Lemons are known to contain bleaching and lightening components which make them the simplest and safest way to add highlights to your hair. Dilute the lemon juice with a little water, apply them as streaks, and sit in the […]

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