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Benefits of a Cold Water Bath

By Kennedi Rose / July 1, 2019

Hot water bath does more harm than good, but people still prefer it over cold water baths. Now, I know cold water baths can be less tempting but have many benefits and today, we will be discussing the benefits and why you should incorporate it. If you are someone who spends late nights working and […]


5 Tips on What to Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon

By Shilpa / March 28, 2017

According to research, the beauty business is a growing industry in the UK with the growing subsector of metrosexuality contributing to make the market more buoyant. So, if you?re thinking of venturing into the business of making others look and feel beautiful, there?s certainly plenty of opportunity and money to make. But as promising as […]


Is Conditioning Necessary after Shampooing?

By Kennedi Rose / December 13, 2016

Shampoo cleans your scalp, but along with the dirt and oil, shampoo can strip away the essential healthy oils from your scalp, leaving it all dry and frizzy. Conditioning is a damage control step, to add back the moisture the shampoo stripped along with the dirt buildup. Conditioner restores the pH balance of your hair, […]


Essential Oils: Essential or a Scam?

By Kennedi Rose / March 31, 2015

I know I’ve been all over the place lately, from no longer working out at Crossfit, to trying out blending and all kinds of other crazy things, but hopefully I’ll be able to slow down and actually get on track with some of my new healthy habits. One health trend that I’ve been kind of […]


Make Your Own Gourmet Bath Soap

By Kennedi Rose / July 19, 2012

Want gourmet bath soaps – for a cheap price? Make your own! Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: Equal parts coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. I recommend 4-5 ounces of each. You can pick up coconut oil at any Indian grocery store, if it’s not sold in your big-box retail grocery store. The rest you can […]


Weirdest Vacation Destinations in America

By Kennedi Rose / February 29, 2012

Are you planning a getaway this spring or summer? Tired of the winter doldrums, and wanting a vacation to a fun spot where you can stay at a plush hotel and enjoy spa treatments? Check out this info about some of the most expensive, most bizarre, and most outrageous vacation spots in the United States. […]


How to Make Your Own Beauty Products

By Kennedi Rose / December 16, 2011

Learn how to make your own beauty products, including exfoliant, scrubs, toner and more! The terrible state of the economy is affecting everyone. We are all extremely hesitant to buy any non-essentials at full price. Because cosmetics and skin care products are typically considered to be non-essentials, so it might be tempting to skimp on […]


Love Jewelry? Perfume? Make Money From It …

By Kennedi Rose / December 14, 2011

Here’s a guest post written by Melissa, a woman who makes money selling crafts like jewelry and soaps online. She has lots of tips about how to start any online business you want! You could sell homemade perfume, makeup, jewelry, or even become a nail polish distributor … the sky is the limit! I hope […]


Money-Saving Beauty Tips

By Kennedi Rose / December 5, 2011

Today’s post is a collection of money-saving beauty tips and tricks that come straight from you, the readers! But before we get to that, I’d like to offer a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Veronica L., the winner of my $50 gift card contest! I choose her entry through, a nifty website that picks a number […]