Can You Imagine Spending $55,000 on Clothes a Year?

Sometimes I feel guilty about my spending sprees. “I just dropped $200 on a pair of jeans!”

But some celebrities spend more on clothes in a year than the average American earns. In this article, I found out that Kate Middleton spent $55,000 on clothes last year. Apparently, her spending records are required by law to be made public.

Now, Kate is a great dresser, but — geez! — with a budget of $55,000, I could be famous for being a great dresser, too! That’s the thing about comparing yourself to celebrities … you can’t really compare yourself to people who have an almost-unlimited budget for clothes, hair, makeup, facials, personal trainers, personal chefs and personal assistants.

Then again, I can’t be mad at her. Everything she wears almost instantly sells out, so in a sense, her clothes are a type of “economic stimulus” for designers and stores in Britain.

Besides, I bet that’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to how much Kim Kardashian spends.

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