Bursts of Intensity Into Your Workout


I mentioned the other day that my “lazy weight loss” workout plan involves the following:

  1. Hop on a treadmill
  2. Set it to a powerwalking pace
  3. Plug in headphones
  4. Turn the treadmill’s TV to your favorite show
  5. Walk 3 and 1/2 miles over the span of the next hour while you watch several back-to-back episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Today I discovered a way to add more results to the workout without doing (that much) extra work:

During the commercial breaks, speed the treadmill or elliptical machine up to a high intensity. It doesn’t need to be grueling. Simply adding an incline or speeding up to a verging-on-breathing-heavily pace will suffice.

At the end of the commercial break, go back to your normal pace — the pace you can maintain for an hour while American Idol is on. My (un)patented Lazy Weight Loss pace.

Keep repeating this through all the commercial breaks. At the end of one hour, you’ll have walked a lot further – and burned more calories – than you even imagined.

Me? I think — with a little bit of practice — I can transition from 3.5 miles per hour up to 4 miles per hour. Yep, as those of you who are good at math have guessed: that means I’d be doing the 15 minute mile. That’s right … that’s my goal. The 15 minute mile. I set the bar high. 🙂

But frankly, I’m a firm believer that the best fitness plan is the one you’ll actually stick to … and I’ll stick to any plan that lets me watch E! Entertainment television all night.

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