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Bronzer for Fair Skin AND for Dark Skin – Face & Fitness

Bronzer for Fair Skin AND for Dark Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 7, 2011

Until recently I thought bronzer was only for fair skin. I didn’t understand why they made bronzer for dark skin like mine — after all, my skin is bronze enough.
bronzer for fair skin and bronzer for dark skin
But “bronzer” and “tanner,” I’ve recently realized, are completely different concepts. Bronzer highlights your tone, regardless of whether you’re fair skinned or dark skinned. Bronzer brings out the natural gold and brown hues in your skin tone, while blush merely helps bring out your underlying reds.

Bronzer and blush used together, in other words, can define your cheekbones and bring out the warm glow of your skin in a way that each of them, separately, never could.

Bronzer is not a synonym for tanning, regardless of some of the mis-information online. It’s a way to highlight your natural skin colors.

Plus I should add — for the benefit of those of you who actually tan to achieve that bronze glow — tanning will destroy your skin cells and give you premature wrinkles. Bronzer, on the other hand, won’t harm your skin! (By the way, here’s a blog post about a superfood that helps reverse sun damage).

So if you’ve never used bronzer before — especially if you have olive or dark skin — give it a try. Use bronzer in addition to — not instead of — your blush. Your rosy glow might just start to look a little more natural!

Photo courtesy ookikioo.

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