Best Ombre Hair Tips for Brunettes

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#1: Use common sense. If you are a brunette then you are facing a dramatic change if you are thinking about going ombre with your hair. Use common sense by researching what look will go best with your shade of brunette.

#2: Go golden blonde. Some girls like to go from straight brown to bleach blonde with their ombre, but avoid this temptation. Try a more natural color like golden or caramel.

#3: Blend don?t chop. Instead of making a stark contrast between your naturally dark brunette color and the opposite color go for a blended look. Once you have chosen your color it will be easier to blend the two colors.

#4: Use foil. Having the right tools to create the ombre look is vital to your success. Separate your hair and foil the new dye job to keep it from staining your neck, and blending incorrectly with your natural color.

#5: Create the teased look. Before you add the dye tease your hair back. This simple tip helps your natural color blend easily into your new color. If you aren?t sure how to do it use YouTube for detailed instructions.

#6: Add a few select highlights. To blend your naturally dark hair add a few small highlights to frame your face. This creates a more professional and natural look to your new dye job.

#7: Use different processing times. If you want a more subtle look for your dark ombre look process the dye for different times so it isn?t so harsh. You don?t want to look like a high school kid who?s just done her hair.

#8: Wear the right style. While you have the option to wear your hair straight the ombre look actually looks much better when curled. After the process is complete finish your look off by applying lose curls throughout your hair.

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