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Best Makeup Holiday Gifts – Face & Fitness

Best Makeup Holiday Gifts

What are the best makeup holiday gifts this season?

#1: Eyeshadow

Here’s the beauty of giving eyeshadow as a holiday gift: you can almost NEVER give someone the wrong color. It’s easy to misjudge someone’s complexion if you’re giving them blush or lipstick. And you’re almost CERTAIN to give someone the wrong shade of foundation. (Heck, foundation is tough enough to buy for yourself!)

But eyeshadow? The sky is the limit. You can stick with a neutral palette or give someone a trio of blues, greens or purples. You can be creative and you’re almost sure that you won’t give them something they already have.

#2: Mascara

Mascara makes a great holiday gift idea for the same reason that eyeshadow does: it’s hard to give the wrong color. Just give someone a high-quality black (unless they have a VERY fair complexion, in which case they might opt for brown).

#3: Eyeliner

OMG, do I really have to spell this out? You can’t give the wrong shade of eyeliner, either. And by the way, are you noticing an “eye”-related theme for this holiday gift list?

#4: Brushes

Leaving the eye-theme: every woman needs great brushes to apply makeup, just as every artist needs great brushes to paint a picture. Why not give someone a set of brushes?

You’ll never get the wrong size or color. And since brushes should be replaced periodically, the gift recipient will certainly have a need for your gift.

#5: A Travel Mirror

If you give a travel-sized mirror that your gift recipient can carry in her handbag, be warned: some mirrors break. Make sure your mirror comes in a sturdy case, and read reviews of travel mirrors (or ask your friends for recommendations) before you buy one.

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