Best Makeup Hacks that even Experts Use!

By Kennedi Rose / November 6, 2017
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Makeup is an essential part of every girls life, she may be a tomboy but there are very few who haven?t ever tried any form of makeup it could just be simple kajal and some gloss. For the rest who need to look picture perfect it is a task which takes hours in front of the mirror and has to be done with utmost precision. It?s an art. Putting on makeup and taking it off both take time and lots and lots of patience. So if you?re in a rush or just plain lazy but still need to nail the look here are few hacks that even experts use!

  1. Create gel eyeliner from pencil eyeliner

Need to get the perfect stroke but the pencil eyeliner just won?t make it easier? With the help of this simple hack you can achieve the finish of a gel liner using pencil liner! Just hold the tip of the pencil over the flame for less than a second and then let it cool for 15 seconds. This makes it easier to apply as it makes it softer.

  1. Make eye shadow pop by applying white eyeliner

Cover your entire eyelid with white eyeliner before applying any eye shadow. This will help in making it appear more colorful as the consistency of the liner will intensify the color and make it look brighter or pop up.

  1. Draw then fill

To nail the cat eyes it is important that you follow this hack that many experts suggest. To get the perfect cat eyes you?ve got to draw the outline first with the help of your liner and then fill the gaps. This gives a neater and more refined look.

  1. Apply mascara towards the nose

This sounds a bit crazy since traditionally it is applied upwards but for wider prettier eyes it is best if you apply the mascara in the direction of your nose rather than upwards. This gives the eyelashes a fuller look, and thus enhances the eyes.

  1. Winged liner using a spoon

This is another hack which is a life saver many a times for girls who don?t have the artistic touch. Using a spoon to apply winged liner makes it extremely simple. Start your eyeliner like you would for a cat eye look then press the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid, and move the spoon outwards to create the perfect winged effect.

  1. Hashtag smoky eyes (literally!)

For getting the perfect smoky eyed look this hack helps loads. It?s quite simple with the help of your eyeliner make a hashtag on the corner of each of the eyelids. Then simply blend it in with the rest of your makeup, and voila! You?ve got the smoking hot look.

  1. Long lasting lipstick

To make your lipstick stay on for long hours this traditional but simple hack is a blessing. Apply your lipstick as you would normally then lay a tissue on your lips. After this dust powder (translucent) on to make the colour of the lipstick set. This helps you keep that perfect pout for a longer time.

  1. Apply triangular concealer for puffy eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes give you a tired look and make you seem dull. Therefore it is essential to cover these up. Instead of dotting the concealer around the eye it is better to apply it in a triangular shape with the base at your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. This conceals the puffiness and makes you appear brighter and prettier.

  1. X for Cupid

Making your lips look fuller and luscious can be done using this simple hack. For the perfect Cupid?s bow using a lip liner of the same shade as you lipstick make an X on your upper lip. Then apply lipstick using this X as the guide. This will give you the desired look.

  1. 10. Remoisturize Mascara

An important makeup hack as it prevents wastage of product. When your mascara has dried up don?t simply discard it because you think it?s lost all use. It can be usable again, all you?ve got to do is add a few drops of saline solution in it. This will make it nice and moist and it?ll be useful again!

So, using all these simple hacks it?s time to get up, stand in front of the mirror and ask, ?Mirror Mirror on the wall which was the best hack of them all??

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