Best Home Remedies for Healthy Nails

By Kennedi Rose / April 23, 2018
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?Yourhands and feet never take a day off, so take care of them”- Tammy Taylor

Our twenty first century demands the need for good and healthy personality, both outside and inside. And a good personality requires healthy, fresh and hygienic nails. No wonder, good looks boost confidence. Why not make your nails look good too? There?s no need to tarnish your flawless look with brittle and torn nails, after all.Fine nails can make you look more alluring and charming. Brittle, chipped and weak nails are a common day problem. But worry not, because we have the solution right here!

There are many reasons for nail damage and the most common ones are:

  • Overuse of nail polishes containing high amount of acetone and formaldehyde.
  • Overexposure to water
  • Use of sanitizers containing alcohol content.

Before getting too tensed about this, you must look at easy solutions. There are some simple and convenient home remedies that can easily treat the problem of brittle nails. Why not try some of them and easily overcome the problem you?re facing!?


Take lukewarm coconut oil and gently massage it on your nails for five minutes. This will definitely enhance the blood circulation. Repeat this process thrice a day.


Add some drops olive oil to one tbsp of lemon juice. Dab the mixture on your nails using a cotton ball.


If your nails are overexposed to water then you can take any vegetable oil and apply it on your affected nails using a cotton ball. Repeat it three to four times a day.


This a wonderful natural remedy to cure most of the skin problems. Rich in biotin, vitamin A and C, tomatoes help to provide thicker and stronger nails. Mix some olive oil with half a cup tomato juice. Immerse your fingers in to the mixture for five to ten minutes.


As we all know green tea is highly rich in antioxidants. Apply some lukewarm green on your nails twice a week for better results.


Protein content is highly necessary for our body. And it definitely works well for our nails. Nails are made of fibrous protein keratin. So for healthy nails, all you need is to add protein rich food into your daily diet. EXAMPLE: eggs, almonds, fish, legumes, seeds and soya products.


Another effective home remedy to enhance your nails is to use vitamin E oil, readily available in capsule form. Massage this oil into you nail and cuticles for five minutes before going to bed. Apply it for two weeks and notice the improvement.

Apart from these basic home remedies, one can also keep healthy nails by massaging them with good, chemical free moisturizers. Prevent your nails from frequent manicures which can make your nails weak because of harmful inorganic products. Wearing gloves while washing dishes can also be helpful. Why not say hello to healthy nails and flaunt them with confidence!

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