Best Haircuts for Your Face

By Kennedi Rose / March 30, 2012
Find the Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape

Finding the best haircut for your face shape can be difficult. You need to consider how your face looks, the length of hair you want, and the type of hair you have. Face shapes include round, oblong, oval, squared, heart.

#1: Evaluate your face shape. This dictates what haircut will look best on you. If you are not sure what your face type is, look at examples online. You could ask your hair stylist, or study pictures of celebrities who have the same face as you. This will help you see how a cut will look on you.

#2: Keep your hair shorter if you have an oblong (long) face. Long hair will make your face look even longer. Adding some waves will soften your face. You don?t have to go for really short hair, but some curls will make a big difference. Adding volume to the top of your hair also helps.

#3: Keep your hair long if you have a round face. Length makes the roundness go away. Short hair with curls will accentuate your roundness. Loose waves in your hair will make it look good, and long layers will look great on you. Having a ?soft? center part, or a part that?s just slightly off center, will also enhance your looks.

#4: If you have a square face, keep your hair long. Long layers will look great on you. Put some curls and waves at the ends of your hair. If you want a shorter bob, have one with a soft textures, and make sure the layer closest to your face is kept longer than the chin.
What is the Best Haircuts for Your Face?
#5: Keep a heart shaped face balanced by adding side swept bangs. You can wear your bangs at any length. If you have a shorter bob that ends at the chin, side-swept bangs will balance out the smaller chin.

#6: Find the feature you want to highlight, and then have your layers point to it. For example ? if you want to highlight your cheekbones, have a few stands of hair that hit the top of the cheekbones. Having layers will also help prevent your hair from being too front heavy.

#7: Use hair products to get the style you want, regardless of the type of hair you have got. If you have very fine hair, you can bulk it up. If you have curly hair, you can straighten it; and if you have straight hair, you can add curls.

#8: If you are not sure what kind of face you have, the best way is to outline it. Use a mirror or a photograph to trace your face and see what it looks like.

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