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Best Budget Makeup

Best Budget Makeup

Don’t worry about spending a fortune trying to look like Gisele … here’s the best budget makeup for a frugal woman who can’t spend her entire paycheck on lipstick.

#1: Bronzer
A great bronzer adds color to your face and evens your tone. You can skip the primer and powder if you layer nice foundation with a good bronzer.

#2: Lip Gloss
High-shine, here we come! Lip gloss can be as cheap as $5 – $10 per tube, and adds instant glamour to your lips.

#3: Brushes
The quality of your makeup is only half the battle; the other half is having the right tools to apply it to your face. Invest in some great brushes — you can buy a whole pack for $20 – $40. You’ll get the most mileage out of the makeup you have.

#4: Liquid Lipstick
Color stays around for a long time, reducing the need to re-apply. And unlike other colorstay lipsticks, this one won’t dry your lips out.

#5: Concealer
The ultimate budget buy. Covering up those dark circles will take 5 years off your face and freshen your look instantly.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Skeleton Hands.

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