Beauty Myth – You DON’T Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

By Kennedi Rose / September 10, 2012
You DON'T Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day - beauty myths revealed

Myth: You need 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin looking soft.

Fact: This conventional wisdom is not true. The outermost layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells. It doesn’t absorb water that you ingest.

It DOES, however, absorb humidity from the air, so if you want the dead outer layer of skin cells to look supple, buy a humidifier, especially if you live in a dry climate like Arizona or Colorado.

That said, drinking water is still good for your organs and your digestive system, and it may help you lose weight by tricking your mind into thinking you’re full. It just won’t hydrate your outer skin.

The best way to keep your outer layer of skin looking refreshed is to exfoliate weekly. This will help you remove dead skin cells. While your skin is damp, apply a thick moisturizer.

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