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Are Your Hands Captivating?

By Kennedi Rose / August 19, 2011

Just for fun, I dug up this ad from the 1940’s that asks: “Is Yours A Captivating Hand?” Mine certainly is NOT. I’m typing on a keyboard all day. How could I grow nails that long? But the ad is certainly a reminder to buff, shape and polish! Besides, I love how it profiles your […]


Eyeshadow: All About the Application

By Kennedi Rose / August 17, 2011

There are a heap of fashion and makeup blogs that debate endlessly about the “best” eyeshadow colors, and while it’s fun to play with color — changing it up according to the season, your clothes, and your mood — there really is no “best.” The secret to great eyeshadow is all in its application. ANY […]


Celebrities With Bad Makeup

By Kennedi Rose / August 15, 2011

Do celebs have bad makeup days? Of course! Despite having access to top professional stylists, even celebrities makeup can be horrendous. Here’s a look at some of the worst makeup on the faces of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. Mischa Barton, what are you thinking? The former OC star can’t decide if she’s on the red carpet […]


Lose Weight With Two Exercises

By Kennedi Rose / August 12, 2011

I found this great article on The Post Game that claims you can lose weight by doing only two exercises. I had my doubts when I read this, until I found a line in the article that gave me an “aha!” moment!: “Running is just one exercise, but no one questions that when it comes […]


Yogurt is the New Cupcake

By Kennedi Rose / August 10, 2011

It’s funny — when I was a kid, I never noticed desserts being trendy. But for the past year, cupcakes have been all the rage. They’re the new “it” dessert; the stylish pastry every hip chic wants to be seen baking. Cupcake bakeries opened in every major city. Cupcake food trucks cruised the streets. Television […]


The Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin & Dry Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 8, 2011

What’s the best moisturizer for oily skin? The best moisturizer for dry skin? How about cream for acne? I hear these questions a lot, and it seems everyone has a different answer. Some people, of course, are paid to have a certain answer — people who make & market skin care creams. Others, like your […]


Bronzer for Fair Skin AND for Dark Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 7, 2011

Until recently I thought bronzer was only for fair skin. I didn’t understand why they made bronzer for dark skin like mine — after all, my skin is bronze enough. But “bronzer” and “tanner,” I’ve recently realized, are completely different concepts. Bronzer highlights your tone, regardless of whether you’re fair skinned or dark skinned. Bronzer […]


5 Celebrities with Great Skin in their 40’s

By Kennedi Rose / August 2, 2011

Some celebrities have it all: fame, fortune, and great skin in their 40’s. These fourty-something celebs have wrinkle-free, smooth skin, thanks partly to their fancy creams (I hope to use the same creams they use!), as well as their healthy lifestyles. Notice that none of these women have a reputation as a party animal … […]


The Secrets to Enthusiastic Living

By Kennedi Rose / August 1, 2011

I found this great list of how to reveal your natural feminine charm and grace. It sounds a little old-fashioned, but it’s solid advice. “Living with style” comes from the inside-out. Thanks to Sara without an “H” for posting this advice to her site! The Secrets To Enthusiastic Living Show an interest in others and […]


Bursts of Intensity Into Your Workout

By Kennedi Rose / July 27, 2011

I mentioned the other day that my “lazy weight loss” workout plan involves the following: Hop on a treadmill Set it to a powerwalking pace Plug in headphones Turn the treadmill’s TV to your favorite show Walk 3 and 1/2 miles over the span of the next hour while you watch several back-to-back episodes of […]

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