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This is How Stress Ruins Your Skin

By Jurgen / April 20, 2018

Stress is an essential part of life. Stress can help us succeed in tasks by making us take the tasks seriously. However, too much stress is well known to be bad for your health. Excessive stress can take a toll on your mental health, but did you know that it could ruin your skin as […]


How to Get Shiny Hair with Homemade Recipes

By Jurgen / April 9, 2018

When it comes to hair, every single woman desires for a beautiful and healthy one. And something that reflects the beauty is Shine. But nowadays pollution makes our hair dull, leaving it looking lifeless. Not only pollution, stress, anxiety, an unhealthy diet, and lifestyle affect as well. So, how do u manage to get shiny […]


How to Cleanse your Face with Homemade Recipes

By Jurgen / April 2, 2018

Keeping a flawless and healthy face is necessary to have a sober outlook. The initial step to keep your face healthy is by cleaning properly. Pollution and dirt can heavily affect your skin. Often bacterial infections can lead to pimples or blackheads. Even the natural glow fades out due to impurities. The impurities clog up […]


Home Remedies to Remove Skin Pigmentation

By Jurgen / March 26, 2018

Dark, blotchy skin is a much-hated phenomenon that everyone has to face once or twice in his or her lifetime. With increased tanning, sunburns, pollution, and what not, the skin has to go through a number of melanin-related ordeals, that we can see only after it is too late. What if there was a way […]


Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

By Jurgen / March 19, 2018

Teeth plays one of the most important role when you smile, but often a smile remains concealed due to certain yellow or brown stains in them. The appearance can be embarrassing usually if there is a verbal communication. Usually teeth are the first thing that people notice and white teeth are a sign of confidence […]


Home Remedies for Blemishes

By Jurgen / March 12, 2018

Blemishes can be a big pain in the butt when you’re going out for a party and you want to look your best. Blemishes are actually caused due to the breaking of clogged pores on your skin, and the best remedy is to keep your skin clean. But what if you already have a blemish? […]


Best Home Remedies for Longer Lashes

By Jurgen / March 5, 2018

Over the last few decades, with brands expanding and the product range reaching infinity, home remedies have become long forgotten. People have tilted towards branded and packed products even though they are chemical oriented. Even though our grandmothers would have taught us home remedies, we can barely remember them. But with the beauty industry growing […]


The Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles

By Jurgen / February 26, 2018

The unsightly look of an overgrown panda isn’t the first thing you like seeing in the mirror after you wake up. Those bags under your eyes make you look perpetually tired and old. Mostly, it is caused due to lack of proper sleep, oversleeping, improper diet, stress, and pretty much everything. No matter what you […]


Home Remedies to Remove Blackheads

By Jurgen / February 19, 2018

Blackheads are small bumps specially formed on your face. They occur due to clogging of pores with oil and dead skin. Often regarded as a mild type of acne and getting rid of them can be a headache. The increase in stress and hectic lifestyle, increasing pollution and cosmetics are the main reasons for those notorious black bumps. […]


Best Home Made Remedies to Reduce Sun Tan

By Jurgen / February 12, 2018

Summer brings the joy of enjoying at the park or a day at the beach but leaves its marks, Tans. Summer tans are mostly unattractive and look ugly on our face, hands, and legs. Plus the rising pollution and UV rays from the sun can chemically bleach your skin. You may also get wrinkles at […]

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