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Ways To Get In Shape For Cheap

By Disha / December 17, 2015

Eating healthy and exercising are both important when people want to get and stay in shape. It can be tempting to fill up on cheeseburgers and fries, pizza and other greasy, unhealthy foods every night because they are so good, but when you do this, you are not actively working towards getting in shape. Should […]


4 Exercises to Help Build Your Abs

By Disha / November 27, 2015

Summer is coming, and everyone wants to have a beach-ready body. Have you tried all kinds of exercises to achieve this, yet find you’re nowhere near your desired physique? Gone are the days when sit ups were enough to build rock-solid abs. We know now that core-targeting exercises must be used in conjunction with a […]


Live A Long Full Filing Life By Including These Foods In Your Diet

By Disha / November 25, 2015

Staying healthy is not just about a consistent workout, findings from the world food organization suggests that the food makes the whole difference. Ask around from a nutritionist food point of view, you will be surprised at how eating well actually facilitates your longevity on earth. As a matter of fact, individuals’ who live to […]


Inactivity: The New Public Health Crisis?

By Disha / November 19, 2015

Everyone knows that with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we can ward off many diseases. Whether it’s running, walking or cycling, exercise tones our muscles and improves our mood. Unfortunately, when we decide to plop down in front of the television and be couch potatoes, the negative effects can be even worse than we […]


5 Timeless Sunglasses Styles

By Disha / November 12, 2015

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory on a sunny day. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays, but they also help you to look good when you go outdoors. But with so many different styles of sunglasses to choose from, it can be a tough job picking a style that suits your […]


5 Mistakes You Should Not Make When in Debt

By Disha / November 5, 2015

A debt hole is a trap that will only get deeper if you cannot plan ahead. Not everyone goes in debt, and likewise not everyone comes out of debt unscratched. Debt settlement is a process that requires constant planning, and if taken lightly, it is a road that has no end. To get out of […]


This is How Online Shopping Has Changed The Way We Perceive Fashion

By Disha / November 5, 2015

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and you have just dragged yourself out of bed. Suddenly, you remember that you need to go to your friend’s party this weekend. By the end of the next hour, you are standing next to a heap of clothes you just threw out from the wardrobe. Whom are you kidding? […]


Why You Need to Try Yoga

By Disha / October 7, 2015

Today’s post is by Anna Jewell, a yogi living in the Triangle, NC. Enjoy! Have you driven by a yoga studio on your way to work and wondered what this yoga thing is all about? More and more people are experiencing the benefits of yoga, from college athletes to your elderly neighbor. With the growing […]


My Avocado Toast Recipe

By Disha / September 12, 2015

Ingredients: 1 small-medium ripe avocado Garlic salt Paprika Directions: Pick a slightly soft avocado, one that has some ‘give’ when you squeeze it (gently!) Cut it in half, remove the pit, and use a spoon to scoop out the green flesh of each half into a bowl. Mix in a bowl with garlic salt to […]


The Absolute Best Way to Set a Beauty Budget

By Disha / July 26, 2015

Just the other day, I was putting on my makeup when I noticed that I’ve been using the same foundation for well over a year. I don’t know when it happened but somewhere along the way I started to wear makeup much less. I purchased really nice MAC foundation and waterproof mascara right before I […]

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