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5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads

By Dimple / October 14, 2019

Our skin goes through a lot daily, from the harsh sun to the polluted air we work through. This results in all kinds of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells accumulating on our skin every day. This causes our pores and hair follicles to clog up with the said grime.

The dirt that clogs our skin stops it from breathing and causes problems such as blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc. This is why it is advised to wash your face as soon as you come home from being out and about. When the skin isn?t cleaned properly, not only dirt but also oil blocks the pores. It then oxidises when exposed to air and forms blackheads.

Here are five of the most common and easy ways to get rid of blackheads at home.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most commonly used tricks to treat blackheads. It is a natural exfoliator and exfoliation is one of the important processes of getting rid of accumulated grime and dead skin cells on the skin.

All you have to do is create a paste of baking soda and water and apply with your fingers on the affected area and scrub gently for a few minutes. Then wash it off and pat your skin dry. You can do this twice in a week.

2. Tomato

Like baking soda, this trick is easy to do as well. Might even be easier. Tomato pulp is rich in vitamin A and C. It helps with skin brightening, oil-absorbing and pore shrinking. It helps for people with oily skin because it effectively clears out the extra grease without being harsh.

Rub a slice of tomato or scooped out tomato pulp on your skin, focusing on the blackhead infested areas. Wash it off with water once it dries. Using the pulp as a paste is more convenient than slices.

3. Lemon, Salt and Honey Mask

Honey is used as a moisturizing agent in many skincare products. Lemon will help clear out the pours and salt will act as an exfoliator.

Make a paste to work as a mask by mixing all three ingredients and apply on the blackheads. After five minutes, gently scrub in circular motions for a minute to stimulate it and let it stay for another five minutes. Wash away with warm water and pat your skin dry. You can do this thrice a week.

4. Egg White Mask

Egg white helps with skin tightening and as a result closing of pores. This stops the pores from clogging and blackheads from forming. Use egg white as a mask. Wash out once dry. It also helps better skin texture.

5. Steaming

We can?t talk about natural remedies without talking about steaming. Steaming is one of the well-known methods of clearing out blackheads. Steaming the face makes the skin sweat and hence softens the pour. This helps to remove the blackheads easily and also, in turn, helps to clear out toxins from within.

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5 Drugstore Lipsticks Under $10 to Save the Day

By Dimple / October 7, 2019

Getting a great lipstick that lasts long, has a pretty color, gives an even application, and does not dry your lips out can be a struggle – especially if you are on a tight budget. I hear you, here are some of the best lipsticks that I have tried under $10 that seem to tick all the right boxes.

1. Maybelline Color Sensational

Maybelline color sensational lipsticks have satin and matte formulas. It is one of my go-to’s. Red is my favorite color, a bold lip is usually the only makeup I put on. This one stays long after application, even with eating and drinking several times. I rarely have to touch up which is why it always stays in my purse without being disturbed out of its place. There are 18 super-saturated red shades, ranging from hot lava to deepest cherry. There are other color options too with variety in each.

Price – It is priced at $7.49. You can get it for $4.95 at Amazon.com

2. Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick

Burt?s Bees Lipsticks are favorites to many because of the smooth application and natural ingredient list including vitamin E, beeswax, moringa oil, and raspberry seed oil. It does not contain parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS? These lipsticks give you a light splash of color and also moisturize your lips. They come in 18 shades to suit your needs.

Price – It is priced at $8.99. You can get it for $6.97 at Amazon.com

3. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick

Made with fruit extracts and shea butter, this color stick from Neutrogena is one of the moisturizing color sticks I have tried. The design is that of a twist-up tube like a lipstick, so you don?t need a sharpener. There are many rich shades available to suit your needs and the moisturizing effect will leave your lips feeling soft even after you take the lipstick off.

Price – It is priced at $7.57. You can get it at Amazon.com for the price at the moment.

4. CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte

If you are a Katy Perry face, then chances are you have heard about this collection already. There are 11 options to choose from but they seem to give you a good range from the more toned Spnyx to the bold Cosmo Kitty which is a purple. It is infused with shea butter for it to be a smooth application and moisturizing to your lips.

Price – It is priced at $8.99. You can get it at Amazon.com for the price at the moment.

5. Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lips

Colour pop has become one of the household names because of them being not only affordable but also cruelty-free. They gained more praise for having swatches of all their colors on different skin tones. This one isn?t that long-lasting but has a lot of pretty colors to choose from. The finish is great and fades evenly.

Price – It is priced at $8.66. You can get it at Amazon.com for the price at the moment.

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Tips for Monsoon Skin Care

By Dimple / September 23, 2019

Whether you have time for intensive skin care or not, pampering yourself by knowing some basic weather-specific tips is the best way to go. Rains aren?t as harsh on our skin as summer and winter – but you still shouldn?t let your hold on your skin care regime loose. There are basic things that when done regularly can do wonders for your skin and today we are going to talk about those.

1. Intake Green Tea – for Both Beauty and Health

I believe in taking care of yourself inside out, so it?s no surprise that I would suggest this. Monsoons are when people fall sick, so being healthy is our number one priority. While we all know green tea is helpful as a healthy drink – not only health it is also a staple associated with weight loss – not many don?t know is that it is also good for your skin.

Green tea can be helpful for making your skin look brighter, and it also helps fight acne. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, that are said to soothe the skin.

2. Choose Light Makeup – Waterproof if possible

Good skin is necessary for good and flawless makeup. After you have perfected a skincare regime, remember to invest in makeup that will not interfere with your skin much. During monsoons try and get a feel of a matte primer. Matte primer helps to keep your foundation for longer and also helps keep oil at bay – which is a boon when it rains.

Invest in waterproof makeup that feels light on your skin to protect your artistry. Don?t forget to get good sunscreen either. Just because the sun isn?t blasting, it doesn?t mean that your skin is safe.

3. Remove Your Makeup

It doesn?t matter if you wear a lot of makeup or just go with a lipstick – removing makeup as soon as you come home is a good practice. It is important to get it all off before you go to sleep – it gives your skin a chance to breathe freely.

4. Cleanse

Removing your makeup is the first step. Then use a good cleanser to clean your face that suits your skin type. You can wash your fash with a combination of a cleanser and warm water to get all the effects of a good cleansing if you are tired. You don?t have to be elaborate.

5. Moisturise

You are not only washing away the dirt, but you are also washing away the oils that the skin produces to keep our skin healthy and safe when you use chemicals on your face. To help your skin retain the moisture, moisturizing is essential. Your skin can get dry even in monsoon so moisturizing is an essential practice.

Final Thoughts

Don?t forget to drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Skip eating from roadside stalls and also carry your own water bottle whenever you head out. Carry wipes to wipe things you use. Make sure to keep your skin clean and use things that feel light on your skin – you have humidity to fight too.

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Here are 3 Non-Veg Items to Help You Lose Weight

By Dimple / September 16, 2019

When planning your diets, try to include things that you like the taste of and are also great for weight loss. Going all out and changing everything you eat is probably a bad idea, and in my experience, one of the main reasons to give up on your diet.

When it comes to food that we consume on our journey toward weight loss, we focus on including more protein in our diets. Meat is usually a great source of protein. Non-veg ingredients make up a high portion of the world?s protein needs. Weight-loss actually occurs due to a calorie deficit in the body, which is why eating low-fat protein foods keep you feeling full and healthy.?

Here are three of the most common foods that are consumed for getting protein when on a diet.

1. Lean Chicken

Chicken is one of the widely consumed meats. Chicken breasts and thighs are a great source of lean protein; they contain very less fat. Apart from protein, chicken is also full of calcium and phosphorous. So, it is one of the best foods for weight loss and tasty too. I don?t have to tell you to not fry it, you already know that anything fried is a no-no in weight loss.

2. Egg Whites

Egg whites are protein-rich and also are rich in several minerals. Egg’s white carries neither any saturated fats nor cholesterol, it also contains no carbohydrates or sugar, making it a perfect candidate for weight-loss food.

Egg whites are also very low in calories and there are a lot of food options that can be made from eggs. Variety is what you get with this one ingredient, which is why it is such a staple in the fitness community.

3. Tuna

Tuna is one of the common fishes consumed. It is a source of high-protein with almost no fat. It?s lean fish, meaning it is low in fat. Tuna is a saltwater fish available in both fresh and frozen form. Canned tuna is easily available but it isn?t recommended when looking for weight loss because it is high in sodium.

When it comes to eating healthy, for any food, eating fresh over preserved is prefered. Preserved food is always going to have something that isn?t desirable. So, try to eat fresh.

Final Thoughts

The main takeaway is that replacing other macronutrients, such as carbs or fat, with protein, is an effective weight loss strategy on a calorie-restricted diet. Lean meat is the best way to go about it. Protein also takes longer to digest so it keeps you feeling full for quite some time, hence, reducing the need for constant eating.

Cravings are one of the reasons that people resort to junk food, you can?t be eating full meals all day, right? People struggle to have the three main meals without fail, so it is essential to include food that can keep you full longer and give you the energy to work off of, that is when proteins come in and that is also what makes food that are protein-rich a great weight-loss food option.

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5 Foods Your Mom Told You to Eat for Weight Loss

By Dimple / September 9, 2019

Do you remember how many things your mom told you to eat as a child that you refused to? I do because I was still made to eat them. Now, as I grow old and do my own research, I realize how right she was. How right all the mothers usually are, because these are some of the common foods from every kitchen.

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

How many times do you remember your mom yelling at you to eat your greens? She knew what she was talking about. Green leafy vegetables like Kale and Spinach are rich with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber.

A healthy low-fat body can be achieved by adding leafy vegetables to your diet. Consumption of these green leafy vegetables does not only help you reach your health goal but also gives you the energy to exercise. These vegetables usually can be turned into delicious and healthy juices and smoothies and can be used as energy drinks, especially when you are exercising to lose weight.? If you don?t like eating them, then drink them!

2. Cereals

Cereals make up a main portion of a lot of diets. We usually have some form of cereal in our diet, for example, rice, maize, corn, wheat, barley, oats, etc. For people who don?t usually have time to cook the grains so instant is a viable option.

There are many kinds of cereal available in the market. They are one of the quick and healthy breakfast options for many. Some are specially targeted at weight loss. You can have yours with skimmed milk to avoid fat from the milk. Add slices of banana, blueberry, raspberry, organic honey, etc. to make it tastier and healthier.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most suggested options when it comes to weight loss diet. It is an acetic acid solution made from fermented apple juice. It is rich with an essential mineral micronutrient called Potassium; which is the main ingredient in it that aids weight loss.

The best way to take it is by adding a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and making it a part of your pre-meal routine. Repeat this before every meal for best results. My mom had this in her routine, tried to get me into it, I follow it but not as regularly as she would like me to.

4. Chia

Chia has high fiber content and provides you with healthy fats that keep you from craving more food. One of the advice for weight loss is to have food that will keep you feeling full so that you don?t get cravings. Hence, it is also known for its appetite suppressing qualities and makes a great weight-loss food option.

5. Oats

Oatmeal is a staple healthy breakfast option for anyone going on a weight-loss journey. Oats have high protein content, which is why you find many protein bars have oats as their core ingredient.

Like cereals, oatmeal can be prepared with banana slices, healthy nuts, honey, etc. to make it a tastier breakfast. Like chia, oats also keep you feeling fuller and prevent you from eating excess food.

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Five Dont?s When It Comes to Skincare

By Dimple / September 2, 2019

We all want that clear, glowy skin, that radiant complexion. We all want skin that makes it seem like we are glowing from the inside out. We end up purchasing product after product after watching all the new launches, hoping that it will work skin miracles. But, most of these products end up being just marketing gimmicks. 

Knowing the basics of skincare is very important, while we always focus on what to do, we often forget to learn about what not to do when it comes to skincare. Let?s take a moment to talk about that.

1. Don?t Keep Touching Your Face 

It?s tempting to keep touching your face, especially, when you have a blemish. But, the truth is that the more you touch your face, the more problematic it will be for you. Breakouts often happen because of bacteria spreading on the skin. Unclean hands are full of bacteria, so when you touch your face, you are basically helping them infest your skin. At least try to keep your hands off your face as much as possible.

2. Do Not Leave Without Sunscreen Protection

I used to skip out on using sunscreen but SPF?s should never be an option. Sunscreen helps fight against the damaging effect of the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. These rays are harmful and also cause premature skin aging and wrinkling along with skin cancer. To effectively reduce skin damage caused due to the sun, choose products that are natural. For the sunscreen, opt for a moisturizer with an SPF so that your skin also stays hydrated.

3. Don?t Take Hot Showers

Who doesn?t love hot showers after a long tiring day? Hot showers are immensely relaxing and soothing, but they are considered less than ideal for your skin. Taking a hot shower strips the natural oils from your skin that keeps it healthy. Sometimes you can immediately feel your skin feel a little rough after the shower. This eventually will result in inflammation, dryness, redness and even itching. If cold shower isn?t an option for you based on where you live, try warm showers and avoid extremely hot ones.

4. Don?t Share Skincare Products

People often share products especially if they live together. Keeping skincare products fresh and clean is hard as it is, it becomes difficult with multiple people using them. The person you are sharing your night cream with, may not realize that their hands aren?t that clean and use the cream by sticking their fingers in a jar of cream. This will make it easy for bacteria to grow. Something that is supposed to help will work reverse. Anything that touches the skin directly should anyway not be shared.

5. Don?t Give or Take Uncertain Skincare Advice 

Every person?s skin is different and products work differently on people. Just because something worked on someone else does not mean that it will work for you, and vice versa. Do proper research, consult a dermatologist, and then invest in things. At most, know your skin type.

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Why I Switched to Home Remedies for Skincare

By Dimple / August 26, 2019

Flawless skin is a dream that every one of us is after. All the skin remedies we try are to get flawless glowing skin. When we see someone with healthy skin, we question what they do, and why can?t we have been blessed with such clear and soft skin. Is it too much to ask for? – is what we always question.

We like so many memes about the random appearance of zits, pimples, acne just before an important event – it is relatable to all of us, isn?t it? I don?t remember how many new products I have tried to get that porcelain shine skin. Don?t look at me; you have done it too. The clear skin with a natural glow, with no zit in view – this seems a distant dream. I still keep working on this. If only I were this persistent in my career, sigh!

Eventually, I started ditching the chemical products I applied to my skin, making a switch to natural remedies, organic products, or cutting off the item altogether from my routine. Let me tell you; my skin feels so much better.

When it comes to skincare, less is more. The fewer chemicals you apply to your face, the healthier it is going to be. We all are aware of that, but under the guise of taking care of our skins, we are sold a lot of products that do more harm than good in the long run. Advertisements are meant to manipulate you into buying products. As a result, we end up buying things we do not even need. Wrinkle creams, way before the age of getting wrinkles, is one of the most common examples.

Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer is the mantra of the most basic of skincare routines. We try every new face wash, sunscreen, anti-aging cream that hits the market – in the hopes of finding the magic pill to eternally youthful skin. Targeting specific problems and making products directed towards people with different skin types has us buying more products than our poor skin can handle – If dry skin and oily skin, dead skin and patchy skin weren?t enough – you now have combination skin!

We are ever so willing to try anything under the sun to get beautiful skin – I know I was. But one thing that I have learned over time is that clear skin is not an overnight miracle. The flawless, skin that you’ve always desired – blemish and acne-free – is no more a dream, but a reality – the only thing is that we need to learn to turn towards nature for solutions more often than we do.

Whether you have time for intensive skin care or not, pampering yourself by knowing some basic tips is the best way to go. Chug the water, apply aloe vera, apply a homemade face mask. Make a lip scrub at home. Go gaga with the hand and foot scrub from ingredients you can find in the kitchen. You will be shocked at how many natural ingredients from your kitchen can help you achieve glowing skin.

Final Thoughts

While I try to use more natural and homemade remedies, I do invest in organic products from time to time. Sometimes organic products can be expensive, but they are totally worth it. If I buy something that is chemical-based, I try to go fragrance-free and also buy products that are based around popular natural ingredients.

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5 Home Remedies for Pimple Treatment

By Dimple / August 19, 2019

The knowledge of home remedies for pimples is essential for everyone. Acne or pimples are caused by clogged pores, most of the times. The items used in home remedies usually all have anti-inflammatory properties and are high in antioxidants. Many help to kill bacteria that cause pimples, reduce inflammation, and balance the skin’s oil levels. This, as a result, with some lifestyle changes can help prevent future acne breakouts as well.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

I swear by aloe vera for everything. It is a godsend when it comes to anything health related which is why it is used in a lot of skincare products. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help prevent acne breakouts and soothe pimple affected areas.

It is also the best natural moisturizer you can get so try to use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer for you. If you can?t get natural, then use gels, creams, or lotions that contain aloe vera.

2. Green Tea

Like aloe vera, green tea is one of the sworn-by ingredients in the health and beauty community. It is high in antioxidants, it helps reduce inflammation. Clogged pored are one of the reasons for you to get pimples. The antioxidants in green tea helps break down the chemicals from the products you use and remove all the waste from your skin. It helps open up pores and cleanse them.

You can drink it, but for direct effects on skin, it is recommended to use green tea extract on your skin.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the staple ingredients for skin and hair. Like the other two remedies we talked about, this contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds too. Because of that it helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, helps reduce the swelling of your pimples, and also helps reduce redness around the pimple and your skin in general.

Pure coconut oil can be rubbed into your skin directly. It also helps clean clogged up pores. Some people include eating coconut oil in their routine for more benefits.

4. Honey

Honey is an old remedy for treating skin conditions that everyone swears by. It has been followed for years and has been passed down the generations as a treatment for pimples and acne. It has antioxidants that help unclog your pores and the antibacterial and wound-healing properties help keep your pores clean and kill acne-causing bacteria.

You can directly rub honey on the pimples with a cotton pad or your finger or add it to a homemade mask and apply it that way.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. It isn?t as popular as the other four, because they are more easily accessible to the general public. Many people aren?t even aware of tea tree oil. Because of its anti-inflammatory property it helps reduce swelling around the pimples and redness of the skin.

It can be used in the form of creams, gels, and even essential oils.

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What Body Type Has to Do With Dieting?

By Dimple / August 12, 2019

There is no such thing as ?the best healthy diet to lose weight??. For being fit, it is important to follow a balanced diet along with exercise. One thing that people often forget to take into account is that diet depends on your body type. Different body types respond to food intake in different ways; there?s no ?one size fits all? in dieting.?

Generally, the three body types that are observed are ?

  • Ectomorph – this is characterized by thin bone structure and lighter limbs. This body type is associated with speedy metabolic rate and high carbohydrate tolerance. People with ectomorph body type need to follow a diet full of carbs and proteins.?
  • Mesomorph – this is characterized by medium-sized bone structure and an athletic body. People with this body type generally tend to be dominant in growth hormone and testosterone. A mixed diet, consisting high amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, is recommended for people with mesomorph body type.
  • Endomorph – this is characterized by large bones with a high amount of fat and body mass. People with this body type are less active, and they store excess calories in their body in the form of fats. Endomorph types should control carbohydrate intake and go for a protein-based diet.

What Makes For a Healthy Diet?

Here are some of the important components of a well-balanced healthy diet plan. These are the basic requirements of your body and should be taken into account when planning your diet.

  1. Carbohydrate: It is an excellent source of energy which should constitute 60 percent of the diet. Food like potatoes, wheat, etc. are carb-rich, for example.?
  2. Vitamins: Vitamin A, B, C, D are important minerals and are present in fruits and vegetables.?
  3. Minerals: Sodium, potassium, and iron are minerals that help release energy in the body and enhance organ growth.
  4. Fibre: This is essential to keep cholesterol levels in check. A balanced diet is supposed to contain 30 grams of fibres. Food items like oatmeal, vegetables, etc. are fibre rich.
  5. Proteins: They repair cells and promote the formation of new ones. Proteins play an important role in the growth and development of the body at several stages. Food items like kidney beans, milk-based products, chickpeas contain a high amount of protein and are recommended to vegetarians. Non-vegetarians can consume lean meat, fish, and lots of eggs to meet the protein requirement.
  6. Water: Water keeps your body under control, it is a no-brainer that we should be drinking more water than we actually do. Its key function includes transporting oxygen throughout the body so make sure you drink more than eight glasses of water every day.

Final Thoughts

Combined with exercising, a healthy diet plan gives you a healthy lifestyle and promotes overall health. Adopting a balanced diet plays a key role in weight loss and general well-being. If you aren?t sure about it, going to a dietician or nutritionist is the best way to start out.

Following health blogs and youtube channels can give you insight about different healthy recipes that you can include in your diet. But, once you get it all sorted out by a professional it becomes a bit more in-tune with your body?s needs. You also feel more confident about the steps you are taking to live a healthy lifestyle. In essence, it promotes general well-being.

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How to Stop the Habit of Nail Biting

By Dimple / August 5, 2019

Nail-biting is sometimes a nervous reaction to situations. With kids, I am not sure what the reason is. Some say it is genetic while others say they just do it. Not only kids but teenagers and adults alike have a habit of biting their nails. Some that it so far that it is difficult to even look at their ruined nails and cuticles. You will have bleeding and skin peeling around the nails and nails bitten into the skin. It can be bad. If it isn?t yet, you don?t want it to go there.

Some people have a habit of slapping the hands away of people who are biting their nails. I would suggest not to do that. Tell them to stop but don?t just slap their hand away because the sudden motion can make them tear off the nail or peel off the little piece of skin around the nail they were gnawing at. It can be painful.

Nail-biting is harmful is a reminder that helped me start working on it. I kept reminding myself that I would be ingesting the dirt that collects under my fingernails throughout the day, it can chip at my tooth as I chip at my nails, my nails scratching myself hurt. Things like these help you change the habit. Like any other habit, this isn?t something that is going to change overnight. It will need time and effort, but this is something important for your health, so you have to put in time and effort.

Trim Your Nails Short

Trimming your nails short means you won?t have enough nails to be able to grab with your teeth. Keeping your nails cut short is one of the important steps to stopping nail-biting because it doesn?t feel as satisfying if you can?t cut into the nail and spit it out.

Get Manicures

This comes from personal experience. Whenever my nails were naked, I had a stronger urge to bite my nails because I could see the growth because of the colour of the grown nails being slightly different.

Whenever I painted my nails, I wouldn?t chew on them. So, I started getting manicures to give myself more incentive to not chew on my nails because I had spent time and money on my nails, and I didn?t want to ingest the nail polish that would chip away with the nail.

Coating your nails also helps give your nails a bad taste. This is equivalent of the homemade remedies that people do for kids like putting chilli powder or aloe vera on the nails so that the kid won?t do it again because they know it will taste bad.

Work on Your Triggers

Knowing what triggers your nail-biting can help you stop it. For many people, it is a reaction to stressful situations and feeling anxious. If that is the case with you then you can start using stress balls, or play with slime to deal with it.

This also works with the trick of keeping your hands and mouth busy. You can chew gum to keep your mouth busy, and also playing with stress balls and stress toys keep your hands busy and give you a way to release stress.

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