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Why My Early Morning Walk Routine Made Me Feel Negative

By Dimple / February 3, 2020

I recently started going on walks regularly. I didn’t like walking on the streets in the morning, and in cities, that is what you get if you want to go out for a walk. You walk on cement roads surrounded by closed shops and buildings with cars parked on both sides of the road. The […]


Top 3 Plyo Box Exercises For You to Do on Your Own

By Dimple / January 27, 2020

A Plyo Box or plyometric box is a sturdy box that most gyms have. The Plyo boxes are designed for and aimed at increasing speed, power, coordination, and explosiveness – all with the help of exercises including just the box and no additional equipment. Not only for active exercising, but they are also a great […]


My Walking Journey: From Zero to Seven!

By Dimple / January 20, 2020

Walking always was and will be one of my favorite destressing activities. Since I was in school, I started enjoying walking. It was mostly limited to how I could include it in my daily routine. I think, for most of us, that is how we can get in our dose of walking without having to […]


I Listened to Rain and Thunder While Meditating

By Dimple / January 13, 2020

I have always thought of people meditating with various sounds in the background to give them a more saturated experience. I knew there were a lot of videos available that played on for hours with one particular sound that can help you feel calm. Recently I decided to be regular with meditating. After coming back […]


5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Alternatives for Busy Mornings

By Dimple / January 6, 2020

Busy mornings often lead to us missing breakfasts. Breakfast is one of the most important meals. It helps you start your day on the right food and helps give your body some much-needed nutrients and energy after you use up most of it in your sleep. Here are some classic quick and healthy breakfast alternatives […]


How to Get a Pedicure at Home

By Dimple / December 23, 2019

Getting a pedicure is one of the most relaxing things. Our feet carry us all day long, the least we can do is pamper them from time to time. If you are too busy to head out to a parlor or would like to save some bucks, getting a pedicure done at home is simple. […]


5 Ways to Relieve Stress

By Dimple / December 16, 2019

Everyone nowadays is stressed about something or the other. We have started accepting it as one of the normal traits that we share. We don’t have to though. Sure there are always going to be things that will cause you to stress, but there are also different ways to relieve stress. Here are some of […]


15 Health Motivation Quotes

By Dimple / December 9, 2019

Our busy lives have become a convenient excuse for not taking care of our health. We often forget that all the money in the world cannot buy good health. You have to start taking care of your body if you want your body to keep working for you. Here are some quotes from people who […]


Meditation Helps You Achieve Increased Level of Self-Awareness

By Dimple / December 2, 2019

Self-awareness relates to our ability to pay attention to the way we think, feel, and behave. Being self-aware is important to form a spiritual connection with yourself and more specifically to understand yourself better. It also means looking for patterns in our thoughts, to perceive what thoughts trigger what responses and what emotions, and to […]


5 Ways of Tattoo Removal

By Dimple / November 25, 2019

A tattoo is a wonderful form of body art allowing us to have the freedom for creative expression on ourselves. There are a lot of reasons people get tattoos – to show how much they love someone is the most common one and is also the most common cause of regret for many when they […]

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