Amazing Short Hairstyles

By Kennedi Rose / September 28, 2011

I totally envy women who can pull off short hairstyles. I can’t wear my hair short — my hair’s too frizzy. Plus I don’t have the patience to style my hair daily. A short hairstyle demands constant styling (its surprisingly MORE high-maintenance than long hair, which you can just let hang!)

When it’s done right, a short hairstyle looks amazing. So applause to you who do it!

So to celebrate amazing short hairstyles, here are a few pictures I think you’ll enjoy:

amazing short hairstyles
Wow! My hair would NEVER sit flat against my head like that!

amazing short hairstyles
She looks great. If I tried that, I’d look like a boy with a bowl cut …

amazing short hairstyles
This one reminds me of Posh Spice / Victoria Beckham. Maybe I could look like that if I straightened my hair everyday and never got caught in the rain … but then what would be the fun of springtime?

amazing short hairstyles
I’d also love to be able to pull off bright, look-at-me red ….

amazing short hairstyles
She reminds me of a ‘real’ girl. Her hair’s not perfectly groomed, but it still looks great.

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