Aesthetic Laser Procedures and Anti Aging Techniques

By Kennedi Rose / September 1, 2016


Have you ever walked past a mirror and thought ?That can’t be me!?? Tired looking skin, wrinkles, and sags that show all the signs of aging are not something we want to see.? So what do you do when that happens?? You can try many things, but finding what really works is not always easy.? If you’ve ever considered a laser treatment, you might be confused as to what each device does.? Here’s a closer look at some of the anti-aging techniques out there.

Miracle in a Bottle

We’ve all heard of it, those fabulous miracle ingredients that can make us look younger.? There are millions of products that promise a miracle in a bottle.? Do any of them really work?? Well, yes and no.? Since most of the miracle creams and lotions on the market are nothing more than glorified moisturizers, they can help.? The fact is that most people don’t follow a daily skin care routine, so just using a moisturizing product can make a difference.

However, that doesn’t mean the miracle product works in the way it was marketed.? Unless the lotion contains actual anti-aging ingredients, it won’t work as an anti-aging product.? Those that do contain anti-aging ingredients don’t produce major results, just mild ones.? Less than 10% of them produce results that can bee seen without a magnifier.? Finally, none of the results ever last for anything more than a very short time.

Laser Procedures

An aesthetic laser is a handheld device which utilizes light energy to direct pulses of energy to specific cells.? Which cells are targeted depends on the specific laser and what it was intended for.? With hair removal lasers, the energy is directed at follicles of hair, heating the follicle until the root is destroyed.? It leaves the skin around the hair undamaged since it is specifically targeting the hair follicles.? Skin tightening lasers target the dermal layer of skin to heat the cells, causing them to contract or tighten.? This method also stimulates collagen growth, which fills in the stretched cells. There are many other variations and purposes to these medical lasers.? Scar reduction, blemish removal, acne treatments, and cellulitis are just a few of the many skin conditions for which lasers are designed.

Skin Conditions that Affect Treatments

Since lasers use light energy, they are not always a good choice for all candidates.? Take a look at a hair removal laser.? Consider someone with very pale skin and pale hair color or someone with darker skin tones and hair color.? Since the laser uses light to target the cells, it would have trouble differentiating between the skin and hair when both are too similar.

Several methods heat the skin cells, which can be a real problem for oily skin.? Acne and other breakouts can be exacerbated by treatments.? Consult with the certified technician before having the procedure done if you have any doubts about your current skin condition.

Non-Laser Treatments

We gave you the explanation of what a laser is.? The word laser is regularly used for other cosmetic devices that aren’t really lasers at all.? Each offers different techniques and differing levels of results.? For instance, microdermabrasion is a technique in which crushed crystals scrub the skin to exfoliate it.? An attached micro vacuum whisks away the dead skin cells at the same time.? Another device uses a method called radio-frequency.? These devices use sound waves to heat the cells, which works well for candidates of all skin and hair tones.

Be Informed

Now you know a little more about laser therapy and other treatment.? If you are ready to take the next step in anti-aging, talk to your dermatologist.? Your doctor knows your skin best and can make recommendations.? Being informed will help you make the right choice for yourself.

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