A Unique Meditative Experience – Sound Bath Meditation

By Dimple / February 10, 2020

Sound relaxation techniques are gaining momentum. One of which is the sound bath meditation. Sound bath Meditation is a group experience – multiple gongs and singing bowls are played in a manner designed to relax the body and mind and ignite the inner experience. The sounds are played to promote deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s energetic system.

The instructors use repetitive notes at different frequencies. This helps bring your focus away from your thoughts and helps you to bring your mind to a meditative state. Generally, these sounds that are used are created with traditional crystal bowls, gemstone bowls, cymbals, and gongs.

Every instrument used has a different frequency. These frequencies vibrate in your body and lead you toward a meditative and restorative state.

While there are periodic loud or intense swells of sound, the tones are generally in the medium range of volume and intensity to offer the greatest spectrum of sounds and vibration.?

It is an excellent meditative technique and is a pretty cool change from having to meditate by listening to our meditative apps. This in-person session can make you feel more in-tune with your thoughts?.

There are basically four states that our mind travels through.

  • Beta State: Our normal state is the beta state. Here we are alert, we concentrate, and we react.
  • Alpha State: Here, we are relaxed and our in-tune with our creative sense.
  • Theta State: Here, we reach the meditative state.
  • Delta State: This is basically deep sleep. In this state, restoring and healing takes place.

Not everyone can immediately be relaxed by the experience. A lot of people do find it frustrating for the first 20 to 30 minutes because they are trying to clear their minds, and this isn?t an easy activity for many. But, eventually, you will give in to the sounds and feel some degree of relaxation. As you start partaking in more sessions, getting into a meditative state becomes easier.

As a beginner, even if you manage to get out of your beta state, it is a success. Having relaxed our alertness and responsiveness will help us feel recharged and relaxed after the session.

One session can range anywhere from $30 to $65, and this is for the group sound bath session. Private sessions are even costlier. It isn’t even accessible to everyone for now. Big cities might have more chance of stumbling upon a class for this.

Although, this meditative technique hasn’t gotten as wide recognition as other techniques as it is still a pretty new introduction to the mainstream public. This can be a new experience for anyone, so trying it at least once will do you good. If you find it in your area, then you should definitely give it a try.

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