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8 Rookie Mistakes to Sidestep During Your First Group Video Call – Face & Fitness

8 Rookie Mistakes to Sidestep During Your First Group Video Call

With more and more companies exploring the benefits of video chatting for group and adding it to their roster of must-have communication features, it?s quite a surprise to know that many users still make rookie mistakes when they use the service. Here are some of the most common mistakes first-timers make. Review the list so you can avoid the same pitfalls in the future:

Bad Lights

An hour or so before the call, log onto the app and check the lighting. If the light source is behind you, that?s going to cast your face in the shadows, which is one of the worst lighting positions to go for. Instead, adjust the screen and find a spot until you hit the one that offers you the best light, says Fast Company.

Unattractive Angle

Nobody wants to look bad on camera while they?re doing a group video chat. However, that?s exactly what you?re doing if you forget to check the camera?s angle before you join the meeting. To make sure that doesn?t happen, switch on the app an hour or two earlier?it pays to be early so you can fix issues and problems?and adjust the camera?s angle to your satisfaction. The default is either going to provide everyone in the meeting with a view up your nose or down your blouse. Either way isn?t good. By adjusting the camera angle, you?re going to immediately look a whole lot better during the meeting.

PJs and Shorts

Whether you?re meeting with clients, superiors or your own team mates, it?s best to be prepared. That means even if the frame only captures your face and shoulders, you should dress for the meeting appropriately. If something happens?your cat gets in and you need to stand up on screen and lock the door, you won?t be able to. You?ll be hampered because you haven?t got pants on. Let that be a lesson to you. Ditch the satin PJs. That?s the last thing you want people to see, especially if you?re making a pitch or reporting to your superiors.

Substandard Tools

Choosing substandard tools can also result in bad quality videos. Opt for group video calls through providers like BlueJeans. With an industry-wide reputation for excellence, the company?s products make for a sound option when it comes to picking out what video conferencing tool to use. No need to worry that you?re throwing money out the window by buying a cheap and inferior product from an unreliable source. With the right tools in place, your online meetings should be clear and sharp, with a clean audio environment.

Messy Background

Don?t overlook the clutter behind you. You might have done your best to clean the area around your laptop but don?t forget to clear up the clutter behind you as well. That?s the view that?s going to greet the other participants in the meeting. If you have a distracting wallpaper or background?piles of dirty laundry, a pizza box that?s 2 weeks old and dusty towers of books that could come down at any moment, that?s not going to give the call the professional vibe it needs. If you want something professional, be sure to get rid of any keepsakes and personal belongings. Keep them out of sight. Present a pleasant but sparse background. With nothing to distract the rest of the participants in the group call, that meeting should go quick and easy.

Distracting Behaviors

First-timers often indulge in a variety of distracting behaviors as well. Some of them eat, chew and multitask while they?re on a video call. As a result, their attention is divided. That means they aren?t putting their full attention to the issues being discussed. That?s not going to help matters arrive at a faster resolution. What they can do, instead, is to make sure they control and put a stop to those behaviors, says Market watch.

Disappearing Without a Word

If you need to go to the bathroom, don?t just slip away and disappear without a word. That?s one of the worst things you could do while in the middle of a group chat. If you want to be discreet, send a private message to one of the other participants. If someone asks about you, you?ll be covered. The facilitator is often perfect for this. On the other hand, if you?re the moderator, just ask for a short break. That should take care of your bathroom problems in no time.

Logging in a Few Minutes Before The Meeting

If you?re the moderator, it?s best to log onto the meeting an hour or two earlier. If you need to upgrade your software or do a bit of troubleshooting, no worries. You can get all the technical issues out of the way and still have plenty of time left to spare before the group discussion starts.

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