8 Best Foods for Your Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 3, 2012

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The 8 Best Foods for Your Skin

You are what you eat — and the quality of your food shows on your face. Here are the 8 best foods for soft, acne-free skin without premature signs of aging.

#1: Oils
“Good” oils like olive oil and canola oil help keep your skin soft, while “bad” oils (like anything fried) cause acne.

#2: Chocolate
The antioxidants in dark chocolate, which are called flavonals, protect against sun damage. A few ounces a day of a bar of dark chocolate. Mmm, delicious AND good for you.

#3: Flaxseed
Flaxseed is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which erase wrinkles and fine lines. Sprinkle some on your salad!

#4: Tomatoes
I’ve written before about why tomato is a superfood — it’s packed with lycopene, which fights sun damage.

#5: Sweet Potato
Yes, it’s a carb, but its a “better” carb (relative to white bread or white potato). Sweet potatoes are filled with Vitamin C, which helps you create collagen, a natural wrinkle-fighter.

#6: Spinach
This leafy veggie is full of folate, which maintains and repairs your skin’s DNA.

#7: Yellow Fruits
Yellow fruits like mango and papaya are full of carotenoids, which prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

#8: Canned tuna
Tuna is high in mercury, thanks to ocean pollution, so only eat this in moderate doses, and avoid it if you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Canned tuna is packed with selenium, a nutrient that keeps your skin smooth.

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