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7 Ways to Save Money on Hair Care – Face & Fitness

7 Ways to Save Money on Hair Care

Here are 7 tips that can help you save money on hair care.

Maximize the volumes of your products. It is significantly less expensive, on a dollar per volume basis, to buy the largest bottles of shampoo and conditioner. You can also make hair-product cocktails to get more use out of them. If a bottle of shampoo is running low, for instance, add some leftover conditioner or a splash of water and shake it all up. And only lather once. The age old ?lather, rinse, and repeat? instruction on shampoo bottles is simply a way for the hair product companies to get you to buy new shampoo more often.

Use multipurpose products. You have probably used or seen 2-in-1 hair products that serve as both a shampoo and conditioner. Routinely buying a product like this instead of buying conditioner whenever you buy shampoo practically cuts your costs in half.

Get your hair done at a beauty school. Students training to be hair stylists have to practice on someone, and beauty schools frequently offer discounted or even free cuts and styles done by students. These students are well trained and are usually supervised by an experienced professional.

Keep your hair healthy. In the long run, healthy hair saves money. For instance, blow drying or straightening your hair too much can lead to split ends or breakage, which can mean more trims, or more specialized hair care products, which are generally more expensive. If you color your hair, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair.

Bring the salon to your home. Consider learning to cut, color, and style your own hair. There are many quality color treatments that can be bought at drugstores and your hair can come out looking just as professional as it does at the salon, especially if you are dying your hair all one color. You can also learn how to cut your hair, especially if you have a simple, straight style, or if you are just looking to give your bangs a trim.

Spend! It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes spending more now will save down the line. With hairbrushes, for instance, usually more is more, which means that springing for a pricey brush that will last you years will end up being less expensive than having to replace a cheap brush every few months.

Understand your hair. Take some time to experiment with products and techniques to figure out what kind of care your hair really needs, and in what amounts. Some people have to wash their hair daily or it gets oily, but in general, shampooing is not necessary every day to maintain shiny, smooth, healthy hair. Some people shampoo once a week but use conditioner every day. Some people don?t wash their hair at all, because just rinsing it with water keeps it clean and soft. There isn?t a universally effective hair care routine?your hair is unique. Once you figure out what works for you, you might realize that many of the products you spend money on or the quantities in which you buy them are not necessary to achieve a desired look and feel for your hair.

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