7 Ways to Save Money on Fashion and Beauty

Shopping at discount stores and secondhand shops can be convenient, but can also become repetitive. There are more ways to save money while maintaining your style.

1. Online shopping clubs

These are member-based websites that sell high end and designer products at discounted prices. Some of these sites are invitation only or have waiting lists for membership. Take a look at Gilt Groupe, Ideeli and Rue La La. A simple web search will also help you out with this one.

2. Putting household products to new uses

Instead of going to a make-up store or pharmacy to buy an expensive beauty product, you might find what you need already in your bathroom, or even your kitchen! ?These resourceful techniques recommended by Cosmopolitan and RealBeauty might surprise you.

a) Honey + brown sugar = an exfoliating scrub
These organic ingredients will work together to tighten your pores and retain moisture in your skin.

b) Johnson?s No More Tears Baby Shampoo = eye makeup remover
It?s right there on the label. Baby shampoo is safe on the eyes and a classic cleaning agent.

c) Too dark bronzer + bargain moisturizer = foundation that won?t run out fast?

d) Cinnamon oil = lip plumper??
According to Cosmopolitan, cinnamon is the primary common ingredient in lip plumping products, and the pure oil can be used on its own for the same purpose.

e) Pepto Bismol = pimple prevention
Salicylic acid, which is used in acne treatments, is a primary ingredient in Pepto Bismol. Making a Pepto Bismol mask and letting it settle on the face for a while can improve acne.

f) Olive oil = skin moisturizer
Of course oil is a natural solution to dryness, but olive oil in particular contains vitamins A and E which can help to repair damaged skin.

g) Ripe avocado + egg yolk + 1 teaspoon olive oil = dry hair care
Avocado and olive oil contain vitamins beneficial to hair health and growth, while egg yolks contain lecithin and protein, which also strengthen and moisturize the scalp. Stir well and leave in hair for 30 minutes.

h) Coffee grounds + body lotion = cellulite
Applying this combination stimulates circulation and the caffeine in coffee tightens the skin. Leave on problem areas for 30 minutes.

3. Clothing swap

At a clothing swap, everything is free. Organize an event where friends and colleagues can deposit articles of clothing they no longer wear, and can do some money-less shopping for new ones.

4. Buying clothes when you least need them

The fact of the matter is that summer clothes are on sale in the winter and vice versa. If you don?t mind holding off on flaunting your new purchases until next season, this can be a great way to land discounts.

5. Making the most of cosmetic supplies

a) Use a lip brush instead of applying lipstick directly. Lipstick lasts longer this way, since you aren?t wasting any by blotting on a tissue.

b) Heat your mascara when you?re running low. The dried up substance will melt and be completely usable.

c) Save your mascara wand. This can be used for de-clumping eyelashes or even shaping eyebrows.

d) Cut your makeup remover pads in half. They are usually unnecessarily large!

e) Recycle old supplies. Stores like M.A.C. offer discounts or even free products if you bring in empty makeup containers.

6. Smart health

In the long term, leading a healthy lifestyle pays off for your physical appearance. Your skin and hair benefit when you eat right, and even physical exercise is said to improve your complexion. Incorporating vitamins A, E, and B-complex into your diet can make for clear skin and healthy hair.

7. Spend! (Wait?what?)

There is something to be said for paying for quality. One article of clothing might cost twice as much as another, but it might also last three times as long. Sometimes bargain clothing can seem like a steal, but buttons can be quick to fall off and threads can be quick to unravel.

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