7 Ways to Find Cheaper Car Insurance

1. Ask Your Friends
Picking out the cheapest car insurance isn?t as hard as it once was. Ask your family and friends what insurer they use, and ask for any recommendations or warnings they might have about other agencies. You?re likely to receive an unbiased opinion.

2. Get Married
Don?t tie the knot for the sake of lower premiums. But when you happen to have recently gotten married, tell your insurance broker or agent – they might be capable of finding a cheaper deal. Many insurance organizations give cheaper rates to married people.

3. Keep a Clean Driving Record
The more accidents on your record, the worse your rates are going to be. Refrain from risky driving and speeding.

4. Live Near Work.
The distance of your everyday commute can also be taken into consideration. Those with shorter commutes are statistically not as likely to get involved in an accident because they spend less time behind the wheel.

5. Reside in a Low-Crime Zone
People that park in low-crime neighborhoods are statistically not as likely to have their car stolen, broken into, or damaged while it’s parked. So make sure your agent has your correct address on file.

6. Avoid Sports Cars

Sports cars and luxury cars will get charged higher rates kinds of cars. Why? These vehicles are able to reach much higher speeds. This raises the potential for an accident or breakdown, and your agent will charge you extra for that risk.

7. Ask About Your Age
The best premiums are given to motorists between 25 and 55. This age bracket is considered to be the least likely to be in a collision.

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