7 Reasons Why Swimming is Great for your Overall Health

By Kennedi Rose / May 21, 2018
Swimming is good for health

Exercising is an outstanding way to harness our body?s strength to its fullest potential and pump up our core. In many ways exercising helps you and your body. Your joints become flexible, your muscles develop, you start caring for your hygiene and sanity, and you make new friends and develop a passion for being fit. Exercise is not just an activity, it is way of life.

Among different exercises, Swimming is one of the most amazing and beneficial exercises. It involves all your body muscles and helps you in learning a very important life-saving activity.

Swimming has many benefits but the following 7 are the main reasons why you should probably give it a thought and start swimming!

1. Keeps heart diseases away

Swimming is an outstanding exercise when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. It keeps your heart rate up but takes some impact stress off your body. It also keeps you away from cardio-vascular disease and burns excess fat that gets accumulated around your veins and helps them relax.

2. Increases stamina

Swimming helps you build stamina as it consistently requires your strength to keep swimming and you have to continuously paddle in order to keep swimming. Hence it builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Increased Stamina means a healthy life and a happy old age.

3. Full-body workout

You need not hit the gym every time when you can easily go out and swim. Swimming involves your arms, legs, neck muscles, back muscles, shoulders, thigh and pelvic muscles and lower chest which means you get a full body workout without even lifting 5 pounds. This means all your muscles are working and builds overall strength.

4. Relaxing and peaceful exercise.

Swimming never asks you to lift heavy weights and scream all over the place or drop yourself in the ring and fight a heavyweight champion. Instead it is a very relaxing and peaceful exercise and helps you keep your calm and build a connection with your body parts and makes you feel the energy build within. You also can build the body of your dreams (if you consistently maintain the habit of swimming)!

5. Improves coordination, balance and posture and flexibility.

It is one of the most visible and beneficial advantages of this. Swimming improves the coordination of your body parts and helps you build balance of the whole body. It also builds amazing flexibility and strengthens your joints.

6. Provides a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day.

Now who doesn?t like to soak themselves down on a hot sunny day? Swimming helps to calm your nerve when you feel extremely hot and gives you an amazing feel. You may not think this as a real advantage but it does count as an important one when the mercury rises.

7. Available in many places.

Now, you don?t need a gym membership or special equipment to swim. At most, you need a swimming gear only if you need one. You can swim in in the rivers, dams, lakes, the beach or a regular swimming pool. You just have to make sure that the environment you choose to swim in is safe.

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