7 Good Summer Jobs for Teens

You?re a teenager (or you?re the parent of a teenager). You need to bring in extra money to cover your prom dress, trips to the movies, and senior year spring break. There?s a particular problem: most employment for teenagers pay minimal income. Flipping cheeseburgers isn?t going to help you save two thousand bucks for a vehicle.

Just how do you bring in good income throughout your teen years? Be creative and business minded. Below are 7 jobs and businesses for adolescents.

#1: Offer to help your friends with small-scale home repair or landscaping tasks, like painting their fence or weeding their yard. These types of jobs can be tiresome, although the pay is normally great.

#2: Serve as a caddy at a golf course. Courses are always trying to get students (like you!) that have the energy to stroll around hauling golf clubs, and the golfers ordinarily tip well, because you (almost certainly) remind them of their own child.

#3: Ask your friends if they?d like to hire you to mow their yard, rake leaves, walk their pet dogs or help them lay out a yard sale. You?ll make money AND bond with your neighbors.

#4: Babysit for busy moms and dads. This will not just help you to earn money, it will provide you with a class in parenting, too!

#5: Tutor a child. You could teach anything from mathematics to German to acoustic guitar courses. This enables you to both improve your talent AND earn some money.

#6: Design and style websites or deliver search engine enhancing services. Since you?re running an online business, rather than a face-to-face business, your customers will not even realize you?re a teen.

#7: Get hired in an business office, doing data-entry or other clerical work. You?ll be copying documents, filing significant papers and serving coffee. Understanding how to utilize systems like Microsoft Excel is often a plus. (There are instructional web sites and YouTube videos that could instruct you on ways to use Excel.)

What other great teenage jobs can you think of?

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