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7 Eyeshadow Palettes under Rs. 500 – Face & Fitness

7 Eyeshadow Palettes under Rs. 500


Have you started getting into eye makeup and don?t want to spend a ton before you learn some more techniques? Have you always been a fan of makeup but are on a tight budget? Do you like playing with different palettes?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then today I have for you a list of eyeshadow palettes that fall under 500 bucks.

Budget shop and play with various color stories without guilt, what more can a makeup junkie ask for, right?

Swiss beauty

Swiss Beauty Ultimate Shadow Palette – 5

This nine pan palette is as affordable as they come. The shadows are highly pigmented and have a lightweight and long lasting formula.

They have other color stories available in this range and for the same price as well, this one being No-5 of the range.

This palette is priced at Rs. 199

Miss Claire Makeup Studio Eyeshadow Palette- 02

Miss claire

This is a shimmer and matte shade palette, it comes in a lot of different color stories. The shadows are said to be highly pigmented. This particular one is their No-2 in the range.

This palette is price at Rs. 260

Swiss Beauty 12 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows – 03

swiss beauty 12

This palette comprises of 12 highly pigmented shades leaning more towards sophistication and has a lightweight and long-wearing formula. They have different color stories available, this being the No-3 in the range.

The palette also comes with a dual ended sponge tip applicator. This palette is priced at Rs. 299

Swiss Beauty Pro 12 Exotic Color Eyeshadows – Western

swiss beauty pro

This palette comprises of 12 exotic colors and is perfect for natural as well as bold eye makeup looks.

The lightweight and the long-lasting formula is a charm to work with and is easily blendable.

This palette is priced at Rs. 349

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit -3716-11-2

Claire eyeshadow

Like the earlier mentioned range by Miss Claire, this kit also comes with different color stories and are highly pigmented and crease-proof. The shadows when applied, leave a subtle shimmer finish.

Along with 11 shades, you get two applicators, and the palette also comes with a mirror.

This palette is priced at Rs. 395

Incolor 18 In 1 Eyeshadow Kit – 1

incolor 18

This 18 pans velvety eyeshadow palette contains subtle to rich highly pigmented colours.

The palette comes with two dual end applicators and a mirror. This palette range also has a number of different color stories. This being the No.1 in the range.

This palette is priced at Rs. 425

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10-Pan Palette

wet n wild

This ten pan palette is available in 4 different coordinating palette that includes a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes.

This palette is priced at Rs. 499

When starting out, getting your feet wet with budget palettes is the best way to begin because then you can see what works and what doesn?t for you and if you don?t like something or some color or formulation you wouldn?t have spent a ton on it so experimenting becomes a bit easier.

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