6 Ways to Save on Summertime Skin Care

summertime skin care

Your skin needs protection in the summertime. Unfortunately, sunscreens and lotions are expensive. Here are 6 ways to save on summertime skin care.

Use waterproof sunscreen. It is important to reapply sunscreen no matter what. But waterproof sunscreen is immune to sweat and water which means it will stay on your skin longer, allowing you to reapply less often, leaving you with more sunscreen in the bottle. You won?t go through bottles so fast which means not having to spend on replacements.

Do not pay more for an ultra-high SPF. As long as you are using a sunscreen with SPF 30, you are giving your skin sufficient protection from the sun. Products from Mario Badescu and other premium brands usually contain SPF 30 at a minimum.?If you use an SPF any higher than 30, you are paying for a negligible increase in protection.

Buy sunscreens with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the most effective ingredient for protection against sunburn. Look for products that include it in their ingredients.

Go for the less expensive sunglasses. When buying sunglasses, the only important thing to pay attention to with regard to actual sun damage is the UV protection. Paying more for sunglasses is paying for the brand, not a stronger defense against the sun. As long as the label says that the lenses protect against 99% or 100% of UV rays, your eyes are safe.

Use natural options and home remedies.? There are many treatments for summer skin that can be found around the house.

– Cucumber juice and tomato juice have vitamin A which controls oils.

– A combination of granulated sugar and water makes a natural exfoliator.

Honey is a common ingredient in home sun damage solutions because of the potassium. Humidity can lead to breakouts, which can be treated by a homemade mask of honey, plain yogurt, and lemon juice. Honey can also be effective in treating sunburns because it is antibacterial and helps the skin grow new epithelial cells.

– There are many similar home remedies for sunburns. Shaving cream includes cooling ingredients like menthol, which supposedly evaporate and take the heat with it. A vinegar bath cools and soothes a sunburn. Baking soda actually treats sunburns because it has antiseptic properties. Chilled oat meal relieves sunburn pain as oat extract has anti-inflammatory properties.

Protect. Naturally, the more preventative measures you take, the less you?ll have to spend later on repairing treatments for sun damage, like expensive aloe vera products for sunburn. In the summer heat, exfoliating and hydrating are extremely important for healthy skin.? Also, stay in the shade?it?s free!

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