6 Things You Should Not Put on Your Face

These are a lot of YouTube videos and DIY recipes that provide you with quick hacks, but not everything will make your face look fresh and bright. There are some common ingredients which you should totally avoid, that can damage your skin.

  • Foot Cream: The skin on your feet is very different from the skin on your face. Foot creams are designed exclusively for the feet, to break down the hard calluses. If you use it on your face, there are chances that you may clog your pores and end up with pimples all over your face.
  • Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is thick, though works as an excellent hair mask, leaving your hair super glossy after 20 minutes, but can clog your facial pores and leave your face looking oily and greasy.
  • Hair Sprays: Some cheap salons may use hair sprays on the face or neck so that the makeup lasts for a longer time. It contains lacquer and alcohol, which is highly comedogenic , can clog the pores completely and leave the skin extremely dry and irritated.
  • Lemons and Vinegar: Using any of these directly on your face can cause irritation, dryness, and in the case of sensitive skin can even cause blisters and slights burns. These are extremely acidic with a pH of 2 and can disrupt your skin?s acid mantle and cause irritation at the cellular levels.
  • Body Lotion: Most body lotions are fragranced and contain fewer nourishing contents, which is okay for the body since the skin is tougher. But please stop using it on your face just because you are too lazy to buy a face cream! Body Lotions add fuel to the fire for people with sensitive skin and the ones who have a skin prone to acne breakout.
  • Any face scrub that has sugar or coffee beans: Mix any of these ingredients with coconut oil and you?ve got yourself a great body scrub, but these prove to be too harsh for the face. The granules are large, too edgy and sharp, can leave your skin irritated and can cause abrasions.
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