6 Foods you should avoid if you?re trying to get in Shape

People who set out to get in shape often find it difficult to do so. Even if you?re working out for hours on end, your body doesn?t lose weight as effectively as you would like for it to. The reason for this is, more often than not, your food intake. Handling the pressures of our work, family and workout routine can be very taxing. However it?s been found that exercise is not enough for you to get in shape. What you need to complement your activities is a balanced diet.

Some foods can be completely unhelpful for losing weight ? these are the ones that taste good but don?t have any nutritional properties. But some foods actively impede the process of losing weight and can be actually harmful. If you?re planning to work hard on losing that extra fat and getting in shape, we believe it?s important to make sure you take care of all the aspects of living healthy for it to really take effect.

  1. Red meat. Apart from the fact that consumption of red meat like beef, pork etc. has been directly linked with several chronic diseases (including cancer), they really are not good for getting in shape. Red meat usually comes with a lot of fat and it slows down your metabolism which leads to slow weight loss.
  2. Fried chicken. Fried food tastes good, sure, but your health does not benefit from it in any way or form. Friend chicken is bad for your heart and it increases chances of gaining weight rather than losing it.
  3. Microwave popcorn. It?s full of chemical preservatives and is very high in calories. So much so that people suffering from diabetes are advised to never consume microwave popcorn at all. If you have a craving, it?s better to make some the old fashioned way from fresh kernels.
  4. Food rich in carbs. Foodstuffs like bread and rice should be avoided or consumed in moderation to lose weight quickly. Carbohydrates actually help retain fat in your body so it?s easy to see why it won?t go very well the whole getting-in-shape plan.
  5. Aerated drinks. Pepsi, coke, 7UP etc. have large amounts of added sugar and preservatives. To illustrate exactly how unhealthy these drinks are for you we?ll share a little data. In order to lose approximately 100 calories an average person will need to walk for 25-30 minutes; and one can of Pepsi contains 94 calories.
  6. Any and all junk food. If you?re serious about getting in shape, you will quit junk food of any kind. Anything junk food right from packaged potato chips to beef jerky has overreaching harmful effects on your body. These can increase risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and just generally lowers the quality of health significantly.
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