5 Ways to Save Money

By Kennedi Rose / November 10, 2012

Think small. That’s the key lesson when it comes to saving money.

You don’t realize how much the little things add up … until you stare at your MasterCard bill, wondering where on earth all those charges came from.

Don’t Buy Alcohol at Restaurants:

Obviously, avoiding restaurants entirely is a great way to save money. When I was a kid, the only time my family and I would go out to eat was on someone’s birthday. These days, as an adult, I go out to eat several times a week … rather than once or twice a year.

But that said, some people have a tough time cutting back on dining out. If you’re one of those people, then at least reduce your dining costs by skipping the booze.

Ride Your Bike or Walk:

Live within a mile or two from your workplace, if possible, and walk or ride your bike to work instead of driving. You’ll save a bundle on gas.

If you’re a two-income family, and your workplaces are far away from one another’s, live close to one person’s workplace, so that at least one of the two of you won’t drive as much. Also, try to live close to grocery stores and shops, so that you can walk rather than drive. Gas is expensive!

Avoid Impulse Shopping:

If you’re at the store, and you see an item that you want — don’t buy it. Put it down, return home, and write it on a list. If you still want the item the next time that you go shopping, you can get it then. This helps you avoid impulse purchases.

Eat Leftovers:

Why throw food away? When you’re cooking dinner, make an extra-big batch, and eat the leftovers the following day for lunch or dinner.

Reduce Meat:

Beef and pork are expensive. Cut back on your meat consumption, and you’ll see your grocery bill drop by $10 – $20 per week, which adds up to $520 – $1,040 per year.

Saving money is about cutting back on small expenses, and letting those small wins add up.

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