5 Ways to Save Money Now

By Kennedi Rose / January 13, 2012

It’s easy to imagine that you’ll save money at some oh-so-distant point in the future. It’s tougher to find ways to save money NOW. That’s right, now. As in — today. This hour.

So here are 5 things you can do now to save money.

#5: Negotiate Your Cell Phone Bill.
Pick up your mobile phone and call your provider. Ask — as politely as possible — if you could please get a 10 percent discount, or 100 free extra minutes, or some kind of bonus. If the company is offering any type of promotion, there’s a good chance that the receptionist on the other end of the phone line will say “yes.”

#4: Shop For Cheaper Car Insurance
I know, I know — when you bought your car, you scrambled to find insurance quickly. (At least, I did!) After all, you wanted to drive it right away.

But now you’ve got time on your side. Shop around for cheaper car insurance. To paraphrase a popular TV icon, 15 minutes really could save you 15 percent or more.

#3: Treat Your Stuff Better
Here’s something you can do every hour of every day, on an ongoing basis: treat your belongings better. Be more careful with objects. Avoid stressing, ripping or damaging things.

Don’t drag a heavy object across your hardwood floors. Don’t put cups on water on your wooden tables. Don’t use a sharp knife on a pizza stone.

Simply maintaining the things you have will extend their useable life — reducing the number of times you need to replace it.

#2: Register with UPromise
UPromise is a rewards program run by Sallie Mae. It basically rewards you with money in exchange for being able to track your purchases.

If you register your credit cards on the UPromise website, you’ll automatically get rebated a percentage of many of your normal purchases — like dining at certain restaurants. And if you shop online through the UPromise portal, you get even more rewards.

It’s a quick and easy way to make a few extra bucks with minimal effort.

#1: Postpone Online Spending
Speaking of buying things through online portals — postpone buying an item that you were thinking about getting. The internet makes it too easy to impulse buy, without even getting off the couch.

Delay buying those cute shoes / nail polish / new sweater for a week. If you still want it, then considering buying it. But if you’ve forgotten about it after a week — what’s the point?

The best part about this action is that it’s a non-action. It’s a call to inaction. That’s right — in the world of frugality, doing nothing is still doing something.

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