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5 Ways to Make Your Feet Soft at Home – Face & Fitness

5 Ways to Make Your Feet Soft at Home


Cracked heels are painful, not to mention they aren?t exactly good looking. If you walk a lot, then you know the actual pain of having cracked feet. Some of the reasons for getting cracked feet are dehydration, improper diet, climate change, wearing wrong kinds of footwear, being on your feet with no proper shoes outside. Cracked feet can get worse with more pain and eventually bleeding.

Getting regular pedicures in the parlors are out of the question for many of us, we also laze around when it comes to doing the pedicures at home. I understand, so here are some things you can do without any effort at all. Most things can be easily found in your kitchen. The remedies are as simple as applying the ingredients on your feet or soaking your feet in it, and that?s all it takes to get soft feet.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the common ingredients in everyone?s kitchens, and also a go-to remedy for a lot of stuff. All you have to be is while soaking your feet in warm water, add two tbsps of baking soda in it. If you like you can add bath salts, you know the benefits of bath salts – they help ease your muscles and soften the skin. Soak your feet in the baking soda added warm water for about half an hour. Repeat this regularly to relax your feet and to keep them soft.

2. Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil are a lot. Not only while cooking but also on your skin. It is a great cure for dry skin. All you have to do is massage the oil in, rub it with your fingers or with a cotton ball in a circular motion. Let your feet soak in the oil. Wear a pair of socks to help with that and not ruin your sheets. Wash your feet after an hour or so.

3. Honey

Honey has many healing properties, and it is used in a ton of skin products for that reason. You have to do the exact same thing you would do with baking soda. In a bucketful of warm water, add a cup of raw honey, and let your feet soak in it for 10-15 minutes. You can do this every day, it is an excellent cure for dryness.

4. Milk

This one is to soak your feet too. With a cup of hot milk, prepare a warm foot soak, and let your feet sit in it for some time. You can do this every day too like the honey hack. It will make your feet feel soft.

5. DIY Scrub

Now, if you don?t mind taking a little extra effort, then you can make your own scrubs from things in the kitchen. Sugar scrub is the most popular one. You can make this particular one by mixing oatmeal with lemon juice, and applying the paste on your cracked heels and leaving them for about 30 minutes to dry. The scrub the affected area gently with it and rinse with cold water.

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