5 Ways To Lose Weight

By Kennedi Rose / September 22, 2015

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried all sorts of diets and extreme exercise regimes, only to give up and dive back into damaging lifestyle choices? The weight loss journey is a difficult one, especially if you?ve been trying for years. Read on for 5 solutions you could try to lose weight.

1. Don?t Stop Eating!

This might sound counterproductive, but you shouldn?t stop eating if you?re trying to lose weight. If you restrict yourself to eating only a handful of celery sticks and a couple of nuts, chances are you?ll not only feel tired and unhappy, but your body will start gaining weight. When your body is deprived of nutrients, it develops a defence mechanism to prevent starvation. This means that when you do eat something, your body will store the food away as fat.

The best diet to live by is one that promotes eating an abundance of healthy food. Think leafy greens, superfoods, clean meats and delicious smoothies. It?s important to eat a variety of these foods regularly throughout the day. Try keeping a container of nuts in your bag or on your desk at work so you aren?t tempted to reach for a chocolate bar instead.

2. Follow a Regular Exercise Routine

If you?re trying to lose weight, it?s vital that you follow a regular and fun exercise routine. While the word ?fun? doesn?t sound like a fitting descriptive, it is possible to create an enjoyable regime around your own interests and hobbies. Those who love the outdoors could go for a run at their local park or along the beach. If you love dancing, you could do this more often throughout the week as part of your exercise regime. High-intensity workouts, like sprints, are also important in moving stubborn fatty areas. If you can, invest in a gym buddy and do some weights, or sign up for that kick-boxing class you?ve been dying to try.

3. Seek Extra Help If Needed

If you?ve been dedicated to a workout regime, eaten healthily and lost a lot of weight, you can sometimes be stuck with excess skin and areas that don?t want to budge. This can be extremely frustrating if you still feel uncomfortable after working hard for the body you?ve always wanted. Specialist clinics like Cosmetic Surgery for Women can help with procedures like abdominoplasty, which is also known as a tummy tuck. These surgeries focus on the removal of loose skin and stubborn fat deposits to tighten the area and repair any muscles weakened during pregnancy. It is vital to understand that while these surgeries help, you should still live by a healthy diet and exercise regime.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep

A lack of sleep can greatly contribute to weight gain. If you?re not getting enough sleep at night, you?re more likely to skip planned workouts. Your stress levels can also run higher, making it even easier to gulp down greasy takeaway and sugary treats. If you can achieve around 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, you?ll be in a better position to lose weight.

5. Find a Support System

Don?t go through your weight loss journey alone. Find a trusted group of people and work together to become healthier and happier. The whole process is likely to become a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable.

If you?re trying to lose weight, don?t give up. While it can be daunting, eating healthier and exercising regularly will make you feel more invigorated to live life to its full potential.

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