5 Ways to Freelance for Extra Income

By Kennedi Rose / February 8, 2017

supplement their income

A national survey found that 23% of workers always live paycheck to paycheck and another 53% usually or sometimes live paycheck to paycheck. Stagnant wage growth is one of the factors that are preventing people from being able to save money. Given that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, picking up extra cash with odd jobs never hurts.

Last year we highlighted five ways to make extra money to make ends meet. Here are a few more ideas to help you add a little financial cushion to your bank account.

Use Your Certifications

Many professionals get certifications, but then they don?t make the most of them. Either they fail to leverage them for a raise or to pick up extra side jobs.

The spa industry is a perfect example. Many of the industry?s occupations require certification and/or licensing that have to be renewed. Often when workers move on to another job they let their certifications and licenses lapse. But that means you?re missing an opportunity for extra income. Making a small investment to renew your certification and purchase a few pieces of spa equipment is often all it takes to generate extra income every month.

If you don?t have any certifications, consider your options. Your employer might even cover the cost since you?ll be building on your skillset.

Write an Interesting List

Writing is one of the most popular freelance occupations, but many assignments for beginners pay next to nothing. However, there are a few websites that offer really good rates. Listverse will pay people $100 for each accepted list article, and you don?t have to be a professional writer. But that?s the catch. You have to come up with an idea and write the 1,000+ word list article before getting paid. It?s a bit of a risk; however, after your first article, the editing team will allow you to float ideas by them for approval before writing.

Are you a specialist? Professionals that have specialized knowledge or skills can land writing gigs at a higher rate, even if they?re amateur writers. Use the filtering tools on Craig?s List, Upwork and Elance to look for people that need articles on your specialty. Also, don?t be afraid to email publications that highlight your specialty. This is often the most effective way to get a higher rate for your writing.

Be a Tasker

Are you a Jack of all trades? Handy with tools? Generally good with handling tasks around the house? Then sign up on Task Rabbit. The website is a resource for people who are looking for help with odd jobs. They can go on Task Rabbit select the type of task they need covered then get a list of available taskers in the area. You could be one of those taskers!

It?s a really convenient way to make income in your free time and help out others in your community. If you do a good job they just might contact you directly to take care of other tasks. The best part is you get to set your rates.

Pay Off the DSLR With the DSLR

Do you have a camera that can take images with a 10 megapixel or higher resolution? That?s often the only requirement to sign up on stock photo websites. This is a convenient way to make money with very little effort.

Start by uploading pictures you?ve already taken. If you want to increase the odds that people will select your image, make sure to give each image a good description and select keyword tags. That way when people search for certain images your photos are more likely to show up.

Once that?s done plan a few photography shoots. Keep in mind what people are searching for as well as unique images that few photographers can offer. For example, the cityscape is something that?s local to your area.

Dog Sit

Dog lovers have an extra source of income doing what they love ? hanging out with canines. The pet sitting industry has exploded over the last decades, partly due to Millennial dog owners who are entering the workforce but don?t want to leave their dogs home alone.

Being a dog sitter comes with a lot of flexibility. You can offer to watch another person?s pooch overnight, during the day or just for a few hours when they need a walk. Rover.com is one of the most popular websites that connects dog owners with dog sitters. If you have extra credentials like pet CPR or have taken training courses include that on your profile to improve your chances of getting hired.

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