5 Reasons Why Dancing is Great for your Overall Health

By Kennedi Rose / December 11, 2017
Dance benefit

Dancing is one thing which is present in all of us in some or the other way. What do you do when you hear Macarena? You get your groove on. What do you do when you see that your crush has replied? You do a little happy dance. In some form or the other, we all incorporate dancing in our life in little ways.

As much as dancing helps us to get lost in a good upbeat song, it has some amazing health benefits as well. If you are looking for reasons you break a sweat today, check out these five reasons why you should start dancing for health benefits.

  1. Get way to lose weight

Dancing is a great low-impact cardio workout which can increase your stamina and improve your cardiovascular health. Dancing can target cardiovascular endurance, body composition as well as muscular endurance and flexibility. It will help you to improve your balance, agility, coordination and speed as well.

Taking up this fun activity will ensure that you will enjoy your exercise routines and will stick to it. It won?t be monotonous like a treadmill run, but in the end, you will be burning calories in a fun way.

People with heart failure can take up dancing to improve their heart health and breathing.

Dancing can burn from five to 10 calories per minute depending on the intensity of your dancing. If you go for slow waltz it will burn lesser calories compared to a mambo routine. So, you know you can start dancing for healthy body.

  1. Increase your energy level

Do you feel like you?re lying on the couch too often? Switch on your music system and get your feet tapping to the beats. You can also go and take a dance lesson. It has been found out that dancing can improve physical performance and increase energy levels among adults. So, if you see yourself sitting on the couch too much, you know what to do.

  1. Balance yourself better

Research has shown that two out of three people fall once in their lifetime. Older people tend to suffer injuries more often. If you want to avoid such fatal accidents, you can go and join a dance class right now. Including dancing in your daily life can help you to improve your balance. The fast movements will ensure that you gain a better control of your body. Dancing will also help you to stabilize yourself and get a good posture.

Apart from being a fun exercise, dancing will increase your flexibility and will help you to avoid joint pains in the future. Dancing can also reduce the post-exercise soreness. While putting on your ballet slippers can help you to increase your flexibility and reduce body stiffness, simple dancing at home can also help you to get that flexible body.

  1. Strong bones

Dancing would definitely help you to build stronger bones and to prevent osteoporosis. For women, there is a significant drop in estrogen levels during menopause which stops calcium from being absorbed into the bones. This tends to weaken the bones and leads to joint pains later on. Dancing will help you to keep your joints lubricated to prevent arthritis.

  1. Mental health

Apart from all the physical health benefits, dancing has a significant effect on your brain as well. It helps to improve your memory by making you recall all the dance steps and routines. Dancing is a great mental exercise for your brain and to keep it active and alert all the time.

If you are suffering with depression, dancing with a group of people on upbeat songs with help you to get rid of the blues.

Dancing is an amazing workout for your brain and body. The best thing about it is that anyone can do it, anywhere. You don?t need any special equipment to start dancing. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a partner, turn on the speakers and start flipping your hair.

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