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5 Realistic Fitness Resolutions for your New Year – Face & Fitness

5 Realistic Fitness Resolutions for your New Year

By Kennedi Rose / January 7, 2019

With New Year come new resolutions and some old ones that we could not stick to or fulfill. Breaking some resolutions have now become a ritual. And one of such resolutions is the one that aims to get you all healthy and fit. Most of the times this happens because, we either don?t make a realistic plan for sticking to our resolution, or that we are too comfortable to step out of the comfort zone of the ?not-so-healthy? lifestyle. And even though fitness resolutions are made and broken every January, deep down, we all want a body we admire and to be at our personal best. Listed here are fitness resolutions, you can actually stick to and accommodate in your already existing schedule:

  • Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

Effective and realistic planning is crucial in order to achieve a goal. Plan ahead of your day, week and month. Set objectives and strive to fulfill it. Rather than thinking of losing 20 kilograms in a year, aim at losing 2 in a month. Track your progress and reward yourself, fairly.

  • Add Green Tea to your day.

It?s a well known fact how great Green Tea is for your metabolism and hence, your overall health. Include the intake of green tea at least twice a day. If you don?t like its taste, try adding honey to it. Green Tea is and has always been an answer to the mystery of a healthy and good digestive system. Switch your regular cup with a cup of green tea, without giving it a second thought.

  • Find your Movement

Be it running, dancing, skipping, cycling or a hassle-free walk through the park, find your movement. Whatever it is that you enjoy the most, try making it a part of your daily schedule, as long as it makes you move. And before you know it, you?ll start loving yourself a little better each day.

  • Meditate

This again, shall come to you as a no surprise. Even though meditation doesn?t get the sweat dripping and heart thumping, it soothes your brain and body at once. That makes it important for a good health. Meditation, even if for a mere ten minutes a day, reduces stress and thereby allows you to stay healthy, inside-out. Stress and over thinking are two major causes of an unhealthy lifestyle. When the two can be kept at bay with just ten minutes of meditation, you should make a conscious and wise choice.

  • Sleep

You heard it right! Sleep! Sleeping less or more than how much the body requires can be fatal for one?s health. A good seven to eight hours of quality sleep is sufficient for an adult. A healthy sleep-cycle will help you stay active throughout the day and will further lead to a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

The suggested resolutions don?t require you to burst your bubble of comfort at once but helps you get out of it gradually, making it possible for you to enter the paradise of healthy living. These mere activities can be incorporated in one?s daily schedule and even make it better. Try and think of healthy lifestyle, as not a destination but a long, beautiful journey.?

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