5 Morning Exercises To Keep You Healthy Wealthy And Fit

By Shilpa / July 19, 2016

Are you short on time?
Do you hate the gym?
Are you too tired to exercise after work?
These 5 exercises help in distributing the blood flow to the muscles, keeping the joints lubricated and simultaneously promote pain-free moments in life.

1. One legged deadlifts:

This exercise helps in enhancing balance by targeting the core and lower body.
Stand on your right leg and hold a dumbbell in your left hand.
Lower the dumbbell towards the floor while maintaining a neutral spine as you hinge at your hips and extend the left leg behind you.
Take a pause for a beat or two and slowly reverse the motion returning to the initial position.
Perform the same for about 10 to 12 repetitions and then repeat on the other side.


2. Dumbbell thrust:

This exercise helps in having a stellar lower body and also a strong core for a very long time.
Stand in a position such as the feet are shoulder-width apart.
Hold the weights directly above shoulders and bend the elbows.
Now, lower into a squat while lifting the chest up and keeping abs tight.
Then, straighten the legs and press the weights overhead as shown in the image.
Perform the same for about 10-12 repetitions.

dumbble thrust

3. Plank taps:

Planks provide a lot of work for the abdomen. The primary muscles involved in this exercise are the back muscles and the abdominal muscles.
Start with putting wrists under shoulders and knees under hips.
Now step foot back, and the other should come into the plank position.
Pressing the heels back, engage the core, thighs, and glutes while keeping the body in a straight line. Try to imagine pulling your elbows to your toes to turn on your core muscles further.
Repeat it with the other hand.
Continue the process with alternating hand, making sure that you inhale through nose and exhale with mouth because this helps in engaging the core.

palnk tab

4. Bird- dog push up :

This is an exercise which challenges balancing the body, pushing and pulling to which helps in strengthening both front and back of our body.
It mainly targets our shoulders, back, arms, butt and core. It is a good modified push-up.
Start in the modified push-up position as shown in the image which involves bending knees with hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. The head, knees, and hips should be in a line.
Now, bend elbows and lower the chest to the floor, keeping abs tight and spine along the line.
Straighten the arms and press back to the initial position, and then extend right arm and left leg at the height of the hip.
Hold for a count, and then lower the arm and leg back to the initial position.
Perform the same with the other hand and the opposite leg. Keep on alternating for about 10-12 repetitions.

push ups

5. Hip bridges:

This exercise helps in increasing flexibility by targeting the glutes and the core.
Lie on your back with bending your knees and planting feet firmly on the floor.
Arms should lie at the sides.
Now, keeping the core tight, lift the hips up while pushing through heels and glutes.
Take a pause before coming back to the initial position.
Repeat for about 8-12 repetitions.

hip bridge

Of course, there are many other exercises but these 5 will definitely save your time while helping you to stay healthy, wealthy and fit.

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