5 Morning Exercises for a Healthier You!

Exercises are the medicines with no side effects. They act as a preventive backbone towards a number of diseases. Several exercises channelizes the blood flow in all the parts of our body and if these are practiced or performed in the morning, your mood will be stable and better all day. You are going to be more energetic and have happier relations with the individuals you are surrounded with. Exercises also help to cure depression and have an important role in preventing people from relapsing. Since it regulates the blood flow to the brain, it also aggravates the brain power. Blood pressure can also be reduced using specific set of exercises and most importantly, it increases the immunity of the individuals. Here the list of 5 morning exercises you should perform in order to attain a better lifestyle:

  1. Pushups: This is the most common exercise commonly observed among the youngsters. Many of you may have mistaken pushups to be just a body building exercise. But apart from the strengthening your chests, shoulders and triceps, pushups regulate the blow to each and every muscle groups of the body. Fresh supply of oxygen is being transferred from the toes to the shoulders. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders on the floor while you are upside down. Breathe in as you lower your body and exhale when you push yourself up back to the earlier position. This may sound easy but they are quite hard and the frequency is to be increased gradually.


  1. Leg squats: An effective exercise for your legs, hips and knees. In order to do this exercise, stand straight with a one shoulder gap between your feet. Place your arms in front of you. Then lower yourself slowly until you reach a 90 degree angle. Then return to the starting position. As a beginner start with 15 ups and downs in a go. This exercise is very effective for toning your buttocks and leg muscles. Also helps in stabilising your knee.


  1. Jumping Jacks: Along with a funny name, this exercise brings you a perfect way of toning your muscles. Initiate with a straight standing position with your feet together. You need to jump simultaneously spreading your hands and legs. Return to the initial position and continue the same. This exercise is great for cardiovascular health and for tuning muscles especially the calves and deltoid.

jumping jacks

  1. Jogging: This is the primary and most simple exercise of all. Jogging involves the neuro-muscular coordination of all the body parts. This is mostly performed outside, in contact with the freshness of the nature at the dawn of the days. This exercise doesn’t need any such warm-up prior to doing it. Goals should be incremented regularly in order to achieve the maximum benefits through jogging. The health benefits include stronger bones, reduction of fats and keeping your blood pressure low.


  1. Stretching: This is typically a warm-up exercise which can be done prior to any heavy or low load exercises. The stretching exercises are useful for toning of muscles in the body and they also prevent arthritis. There are two types: dynamic and static. Dynamic stretching includes camel stretch which helps to improve spinal flexibility. Kneel down on all fours and round your back slowly to touch your pelvis with your head and then lower and lift your head so that your lower back is arched. This is the cat position and the movements are needed to be performed slowly and smoothly.


There are a many more number of exercises which can be performed in the morning depending on the type of your days’ work and your diet. Exercises when performed in empty stomach provide beneficiary results.

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