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5 Make Up Tips Every Girl Needs To Know – Face & Fitness

5 Make Up Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

By Shilpa / August 9, 2016

Now that make-up has become an essential part of today’s life whether it’s college, work, parties or just hanging out with few friends all girls need to know few things to keep in mind while wearing it. Most important part is you need to know which kind of place and function it is and wear make-up accordingly.

One: Wash then wear!

Always wash your face, apply some moisturiser and then wear make-up. This is to protect your skin from harmful cosmetic products. These products if left for a longer time can harm your skin by leaving scars and making it drier so protect it with a moisturiser of a good quality.

Two: The key to elegance is balance!

Your face is like a canvas. You cannot put so many bright colours or dark colours together because it won’t look much attractive. Same way wear simple make-up and look elegant and beautiful. Never highlight your eyes and lips at a time. Always highlight either eyes or lips with various shades according to your complexion.

Three: Focus on your cheeks and nose

A special method called face cut can change the whole look of your face giving it a perfect shape to your face. You can get different foundation creams or lotion in order to get even complexion and apply accordingly for perfect face cuts. You can hide double chin or very chubby cheeks with a little trick. Apply a little darker shade, one shade darker than you need for your complexion and apply in the direction you want to hide. After letting it stay for few minutes, apply the perfect shade of foundation you need for your skin. Let it settle and you are all ready with your even toned skin.

Three: Apply foundation on your neck to match with your face’s skin tone.

When you tone your skin, make sure you pay attention to your neck too. To get a perfectly even toned skin is not the only thing you want because you don’t want your neck to look dull than your facial skin. So make sure you follow the same method for your neck too.

Four: Apply lip gloss on top of your lip colour.

Once you apply you lipstick or lip colour, make sure you put on some lip gloss for shine and long lasting. You can choose various flavours and shades of lip gloss to go your lip colour. This will not only enhance the colour but also make your lips look more gorgeous.

Five: Use make-up remover to remove your make-up.

Never sleep with your cosmetics on. Always remove it before going to sleep. Make-up products can damage your skin if left for a long time. Removing with a good remover is a wise step in order to keep your skin healthy. Our skin is delicate and needs fresh air to breath. It needs to be left open but these layers of cosmetics can harm your skin.

These tips will help you forever with your make-up. Not only helpful in everyday makeup, these will make you look gorgeous and special with extra touches.

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