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5 Home Remedies to Deal With Period Pain – Face & Fitness

5 Home Remedies to Deal With Period Pain

By Kennedi Rose / June 3, 2019
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Periods can be painful for many women. Hormone levels rise and fall depending on the stage of the cycles, and these hormones affect your mood and also the level of energy. Menstrual cramps are one of the painful accompaniments of periods. When the uterus contracts, it can briefly cut off the oxygen supply because it can press against your blood vessels in result squeezing them. This is the cause of cramping and pain.

Because of this and to encourage this, your body releases pain-triggering chemicals. These chemicals can build and cause nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. You might have felt these things and wondered why do they always happen with your periods. Now you know the reason.

Period pain can be unbearable to many, which is why today we will be talking about home remedies that will help provide some relief.

1. Massage and oils

Massages are said to relieve pain. Different oils have different properties. Lavender oil is known to help relieve pain, but it is not something that everyone has readily in their homes. Sesame oil is a more common variation to use. It is usually available in many homes, and if not, then it is fairly easy to acquire. You do not have to go to special shops to get it; you can get it from your local general store. Rubbing sesame oil in your navel and your belly helps relieve pain and cramps because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is also rich in linoleic acid.

2. Apply heat

Applying heat helps relax the muscles and relieve cramps. A hot bath helps, which is why you should always take hot showers or baths when on periods. Another thing is to keep a hot water bag or bottle ready, using it to apply heat on your abdomen is of great help. Many women have hot bags ready to take with them when they go to bed. It helps you relax and ease into sleep.

3. Exercise

Many women shy away from any physical activity when they are on their periods. Even the ones that are regular will their exercises will let go during periods. But, indulging in some light exercises can actually be helpful in relieving pain. Exercising increases circulation to the pelvic region, which releases endorphins. This helps you with your contractions and helps you better deal with them.

4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco

If you drink or smoke or do both, periods is the time to take a pause. Alcohol and tobacco can make pain worse. Drinking can also make your muscles ache more when they are already aching from periods.

5. Pain killers

Pain killers aren?t exactly home remedies, but if you are constantly in pain, then having pain killers handy is a better choice. Sometimes the pain becomes too much to bear, and that is when you have to opt for medications. Paracetamol is one of the easiest over the counter painkiller that can be found in every home. If not, then go for prescription painkillers like Ibuprofen and codeine that help with reducing headaches, stomach cramps, and muscle pain during menstruation.

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