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5 Hair Masks for Some Hair Care – Face & Fitness

5 Hair Masks for Some Hair Care

By Kennedi Rose / July 8, 2019
honey is delicious and healthy

Our hair goes through a lot throughout the day with pollution, dirt, and the sun. No matter how well you keep your hair covered, it is going to face the brunt of being outdoors. If you have to spend a huge amount of your day outdoors then the damage to the hair is very easily visible to the naked eye.

Like your skin, you need to take care of your hair as well. There are hair masks that you can use to target different areas of problems of your hair – from hair fall to split ends. Focus from roots to the tips.

1. Avocado, coconut milk, and olive oil hair mask

All you have to do is blend all the three ingredients together and then apply it to your washed hair and let it sit for an hour. After it is dry you can wash it off. This mask is used to give your hair some life and shine. It helps make your hair soft and get rid of dryness.

2. Yogurt and honey hair mask

This hair mask is used to cleanse and moisturize your scalp and hair. It helps lock the moisture in. If your hair has been feeling brittle, frizzy, and dry, then mix yogurt and honey and apply it to your hair and let it sit until it is dry and wash off to reveal baby soft healthy hair. This can be done once a week.

3. Aloe vera and lemon juice hair mask

Aloe vera is generally very helpful for all ailments so it had to make its way into at least one of the hair masks. Pure aloe vera gel taken from the leaves or the store bought one – any will work. Take the gel and add in some lemon juice and massage it in the hair. This is great for oily hair and also helps get rid of dirt and dandruff. It moisturizes the scalp and makes it difficult for dirt to stick on the hair.

4. Banana and olive oil hair mask

This hair mask is used to replenish the shine in your hair and also control the split ends. You need an overripe banana, mash it and mix it with olive oil and then you have a hair mask ready to treat your hair that has been damaged from chemicals, heat, and sun exposure.

5. Milk and honey hair mask

This hair mask is great to help brittle feeling hair get healthy. Depending on your hair you might have to use milk with higher fat. Low fat milk will do for thin hair but if you have thick or coarse hair use milk with high fat or replace milk with cream because it has a higher concentration of fat.

All of these masks are easy to make, won?t take more than two minutes to put together. All the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen and are your cheap general items. You don?t have to go out and search for exotic products or spend a ton over your budget when you can create simple and effective masks at home and treat yourself to voluminous healthy hair.

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