5 Exercises for Reducing Arm Fat

By Kennedi Rose / October 4, 2016

With the increasing intake of junk foods, there has been a pathetic deterioration in human health. Inspire of having the fact clear that junk foods are harmful to the body in long run, people still prefer to consume them. Cravings at the early stages and workloads in the future, has bound us to feed upon the fast foods. This leads to the accumulation of unsaturated fats in the various parts of our body. As a result of which, your body may eventually become an abode of diseases in the further years. But don’t worry, man has got solution to each and every problem. Hence, you must perform a set of physical rights and rituals to get rid of such fats. This article deals with the exercise which will help you to overcome the fats-problems. Here are some below:

  1. Counter pushups: This exercise is just the normal pushup exercise, the only change being that you need to perform by having an inclined support. At home, you can use a table or bed to place your arms on them, keep your legs on the floor such that your body is at an inclination. Having fixed your posture, take a deep breath and start the pushup in sets of 20. Make sure that you hands are placed wider than your shoulder width.


  1. Aerolean pushup: This exercise is a harder one but most effective in removing your triceps and underarm fats. Get in the position of normal pushup by keeping your hands on the floor wider than your shoulders. This time your fingers should point towards the outer sides from the body. Now gradually bend your left elbow and tilt your body to the left and the same on your right. Repeat the steps by holding the balance and body posture.


  1. Triceps dips: This exercise also helps you to get rid your triceps fats. This is a simple exercise and mostly performed by them who are unable to perform pushup. You can perform this exercise at home with the help of a chair or a low desk. Place your on the chair Base from the behind. Move forward 3-4 steps away from the chair. Now bend your elbows and lower your body low to the ground as far as it can reach.


  1. Scissors: This is another easy exercise for the elderly people who want to evaporate their arm fats in an easy manner. All you have to do is cross your arms and legs while standing. You should stand straight and bring your hands up to the shoulder height in front of you. Now stretch them to the opposite sides such that they overlap each other. Same for your legs as well! Hold the position and repeat the same for 15-20 minutes.


  1. Opposite arms and legs lift: This is the ultimate exercise for toning up your arm and leg muscles simultaneously and burning out the concentrated fats. Lie on the floor and lift your body to a stable position using your arms and knees. You place your knees and hands perfectly below your hips and shoulders respectively. Now gradually raise your left hand and raise leg and straighten them in the parallel directions. Hold this position for some time, come back to the initial position and perform the same by raising your right arm and left leg. Repeat the steps.


These are some of the exercises to help you loose your accumulated arm fats. Best results can be obtained by performing them daily during the start of your day. Along with performing the sets, you should also make sure that you’re having a decent diet with less oils and fats content.

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