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5 Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips – Face & Fitness

5 Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips


1. Start a skincare routine way before the big day

The biggest mistake you can do is leaving you skincare until the last minute. It is never too early to start a skincare regime. With your big day just months away, it is essential to start taking care of any skin issues you might have. Every bride wants to look perfect and glowing on her wedding day. For that, it is important to start early with your skin.

One main thing to do is to use products with exfoliating acids. This helps remove the dead skin cells. Dead skin cells tend to build up and leave our complexions looking lifeless and dull. Removing this layer is essential for your skin to look fresher, brighter, and more vibrant. Now, that the dead skin cells are gone and fresh skin is exposed, use a good SPF to protect the newly exposed skin from damage.

2. Don?t try new products close to the wedding

This is also one of the reasons to start working on your skin early because it gives you ample time to test new products out. Not only skin products but also hair and makeup products that you are planning on using on your big day. Some reactions take a couple of weeks to calm down, and that is something that can put a damper on your mood.

Three weeks before your wedding should be the last you try any new product. All the experimentation needs to be done before that.

3. Intake green tea for beauty and health

While we all know green tea is helpful as a healthy drink and is also a staple associated with weight loss, it is also good for your skin. Every bride wants to shed a few pounds to look perfect on her wedding day.

Green tea can be helpful for that. In addition, it helps your skin look brighter, and also helps fight acne. It?s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are said to soothe the skin.

4. Massage and exfoliate your hands

Your hands are going to have eyes on them, they are going to be the highlights on your wedding day. To have your hands look and feel soft, it is necessary to keep them moisturized. Start by exfoliating them with a scrub. There are a lot of DIY scrub options available too like mixing olive oil and sugar to make a scrub. Use the scrub to gently exfoliate.

Follow the exfoliation by moisturizing. You can use a moisturizer that you know works for you. Or you can go natural with something like sweet almond oil. Massage the oil or moisturizer into your hands and nails on a daily basis, we would suggest to do it twice. Include it into your morning and night routine. You will end up with strong nails and soft hands.

5. Choose your makeup correctly

Good skin is necessary for good and flawless bridal makeup. After you have perfected a skincare regime, try and get a feel of a matte primer. Matte primer helps to keep your foundation for longer and also helps keep oil at bay.

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