5 Beauty Tips to Keep your Skin Glowing All Day

By Kennedi Rose / May 7, 2018
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Beauty is becoming one of the most commercial and money making sector in today?s economy. Big companies now charge anything for that Ayurvedic scrub or French grooming therapy but you can avoid paying and getting into such scams to become beautiful in a day!

You can?t think of getting your skin glowing in a day but following are some methods, if you consistently practice will gain you lots of improvement.

1. Drink loads of water:

You might think this as a very mediocre way of getting your skin glowing but it is the probably the most effective way in getting you skin glowing. No matter what skin type you possess, (dry, normal or oily) you need to get hydrated and feel the change. Water is what we are made of (upto 70% of human body is water) and drinking water will help your system clean the impurities and excess oil which cause acne. Consistently, drinking water is a cent percent method of getting your skin glowing in a few days and you will definitely get positive results. So, wake up and try to drink as many as 16 cups of water daily.

2. Sweat it out:

You should start giving importance to exercising if you want to look good. It is because it is the only way your body loses excess fat and your face pores gets cleansed. It doesn?t mean that you have to hit the gym and lift heavy.
You just have to make sure that you sweat enough in the day so as to cleanse your face internally.

3. Try some exciting home remedies:

You don?t even want to fall in the trap of those Ayurvedic creams and beauty products because they are the perfect example of adulteration (well, most of them are). Instead buy some fresh ingredients from your local market and process them in a similar fashion as mentioned below:

? Aloe vera: it is good for the skin and hence, you can make a facepack out of the gel after removing its skin.

? Papaya: eat it, juice it or just apply a layer on your face, a week after that your face will surely glow.

4. Eat your veggies and crunch some mixed nuts.

Now veggies are important as they contain cellulose (mostly green leafy vegetables), however it is of no nutritional use but it cleans up our intestinal tract and the more you?re purified within, the more you will look good outside. You might as well spend a few more on adding a handful of various nuts and raisins to your diet, which might add rare nutrients in your metabolism.

5. This last step is a mixture of few small steps.

These small steps include having a good night?s sleep (probably seven and a half to eight hours every night), which gives your body enough time to rejuvenate and regrow; using a moisturizer effective for your skin type; removing your makeup totally before you hit the bed; avoiding oily and high calorie content foods (basically junk food); and keeping your hands off of your face (exploring your face a bit too much may increase the amount of germs present on your face and may result in acne-breakout.

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