5 Activities to Sharpen Your Practical Intelligence

Practical intelligence is nothing but the common sense which is required to perform all the type of activities in your day to day life. For that, you need to gain your experience in doing the things at least once. Then you need to correlate the logic of performing the set of things with the theories of science books. This enhances your so called practical knowledge which leads to a productive and effective lifestyle. As a whole, practical intelligence is the first step towards being an educated member of family. One can no longer progress in his field if he lacks practical intelligence. Though the functionality of practical intelligence may sound much skeptical at the beginning, but believe me, practically intelligent people have a longer way to go in their lives. Here are some of the things you need to do in order to sharpen your practical intelligence:

  1. Painting: A painter has multiple angles of looking at the world we live in. You might be thinking of how pathetic you are at painting. Drop the fear because no one is going to display it in an exhibition. Painting requires your brain to observe the colors, patterns and shades of the objects which are mostly overlooked by the others. This will help you to become more creative and gather the insights of the objects that surround you.
  1. Gaming: Most of parents consider virtual games to be hazardous to their child’s mental and physical health. But despite having the negative effects, it allows the brain to react relatively faster and in convenient manner. Gaming improves the coordination and syringes a managerial instinct inside your child. They improve the cognitive and motor skills and hence an important part in aggravating the intelligence parameter.
  1. Hiking: While the term hike is mostly famous for being an app, the real hike means to experience the realities of the nature. Hiking allows your brain to come out of the tiny human world to the vastness of nature. Surviving through the journey and reaching the checkpoints gives your brain both the tastes of empowerment and relaxation. It channelises the blood circulation and makes you thoughtful and creative.
  1. New ideas: At least once in a day, learn to follow your passion. Passion comes from the term hobby. Everyone has a hobby which differs in a great extent from the field of our jobs. Working on your hobbies towards a specified goal will open up from brain and free itself from chained life. Being inventive and learning to value the resources in also an important step in increase your practical intelligence.
  1. Read: Reading is the most underrated acceptance of today’s world. There is a new world which can only be discovered when start reading. Reading not just involves studying, mind you. Studying is a work and reading is a recreation. Various authors are there who depicted the life through a different viewpoint. Those can allow you to refresh your brain and gather a different angle of observation which improves your practical intelligence.

These were some of the general ways to which many of you may find helpful. However, this requires utter concentration and patience as “slow and steady wins the race”.

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