4 Reasons to Go Abroad for Cosmetic Dentistry

Deciding to go abroad for cosmetic dentistry is no small undertaking. There are a number of factors to weigh up before you decide to move forward, but the potential benefits are legion.

If you?re tempted but a little unsure, this list of the top 4 reasons to go abroad for cosmetic dentistry will hopefully help with your decision-making process.


Cosmetic dentistry in the form of implants, whitening, veneers and porcelain crowns, can be an expensive affair, costing several thousands of pounds, if you undergo treatment in the United Kingdom.

Poland, Hungary, and Croatia are some of the most popular European destinations for cosmetic dentistry, with dental patients purported to make an average cost saving of 50-70 per cent, relative to the cost of undergoing the same procedure in the US or UK.

On a purely affordable level, therefore, opting for cosmetic dental treatment abroad is a financially savvy choice.


For those waiting for cosmetic surgery on the NHS who are unable to access private treatment because of the financial implications, a couple of hundred pounds could see you get the treatment you need in record time. The convenience of using a foreign dentist and the positive impact that fixing your teeth could have on your self esteem could mean it?s totally worth it to fork out this relatively small amount of money.

High Standards

You would be forgiven for thinking that traveling to another country for cheap dental work would lead to some compromise in terms of quality of service or aftercare.

First-time patients of overseas cosmetic dentistry clinics are often surprised to find that the quality of service surpasses that of many home-nation clinics.

While there are a number of reported cases of clinical negligence each year related to overseas cosmetic dentistry, many of the most highly sought-after clinics have fewer reported annual cases than their developed-world counterparts.


The final reason why you should consider electing to have cosmetic dental surgery abroad is that it provides you with a great excuse for a short holiday.

With many of the most popular cosmetic dentistry clinics located in intriguing cities, like Budapest, getting your teeth done can merely be a one-day commitment on an otherwise relaxing week away.

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