4 Exercises to Help Build Your Abs

By Kennedi Rose / November 27, 2015

Summer is coming, and everyone wants to have a beach-ready body. Have you tried all kinds of exercises to achieve this, yet find you?re nowhere near your desired physique? Gone are the days when sit ups were enough to build rock-solid abs. We know now that core-targeting exercises must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to achieve an enviable figure, and the four workouts below are sure to help you drop those last couple of centimetres!

1. Swiss Ball Jackknife

Swiss balls come in different sizes and it?s important to get one that?s the right size for your height. Consult with experts like the ones at HART Sport to make sure you?re paired with the right ball. To do the Swiss Ball Jackknife, position yourself in a plank position with hands on the floor and shins resting on the ball. While keeping your back flat and your stomach pulled in, bring your knees towards your chest, rolling the ball towards you. Push the ball back and straighten your legs. Do 10 reps at a time. This exercise is fantastic for core development.

2. Ball Plank ? Swiss Ball

A difficult variation of the traditional plank, this works the core and abdominal muscles. Rest your forearms on the ball and lean onto it as you place with your knees on the floor. Make sure to keep your shoulders at a right angle as you lift the knees off the floor to create the plank position. Keep a straight light between your ankles and shoulders, ensuring your stomach and back stay taut. Hold for as long as you can.

3. Kneeling Partner Twist – Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are great way to enhance your training. The Kneeling Partner Twist is a great exercise to do with a partner. Start by kneeling back-to-back as one of you holds the medicine ball. Keep your abs engaged and posture straight as you twist to one side and pass the ball to your partner. They then take the ball and circle around to the other side, passing it back to you. Do this for at least 30 seconds before stopping and repeating in the opposite direction.

4. Side Plank – Yoga Mat

This exercise targets the sides of the torso. Start by lying on your right side on a yoga mat, body in a straight line with your legs together. Prop your upper torso up with your arm, making sure that your right shoulder stays directly above your elbow while your forearm lays straight out in front, flat on the floor. Then raise your hips to create a straight line from your shoulders to your feet and hold that position. With your left arm, you can either opt to raise it up straight or place it on your hip, just make sure that your left shoulder remains in a straight line vertically above your right one. Hold for five deep breaths, before repeating on the left side.

With these simple exercises, you?ll be on your way to a beach-ready body in no time. Start at a level that you?re comfortable with and don?t be afraid if you can only hold a plank for ten seconds. Before you know it, you?ll have quadrupled that time! Keep increasing the intensity and length of your reps and holds as you get fitter to keep working your muscles.

Do you have a favourite exercise that didn?t make this list? Leave it down below!

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